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Chapter 14: Was God Thinking of a Circus

And who are these great men? - mostly criminals. Either they themselves committed the crimes: people like Genghis Khan and Nadir Shah and Tamerlane.. Just these three people killed nearabout one hundred and twenty million people. And you don’t call them criminals; they are great leaders, great conquerors. There are others who have not committed crimes themselves, but have created the very source from which crimes arise.

I have heard an ancient story.God had made the world. On the sixth day everything was complete, just one thing was missing - a moral code. So he went around to the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the people who lived on the drowned continent of Atlantis, and he asked them, “Do you want a commandment?”

Everybody asked, “What is a commandment?” Somebody said, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

The Egyptians said, “Then what shall we do? The whole life will lose interest! We don’t want any such commandment.”

God was getting tired when he found Moses. He asked, “Do you want a commandment?”

Just like a fundamentalist Jew, Moses asked, “How much?”

God said, “Free!”

He said, “Then I will have ten.”

Those ten commandments are torturing Jews, Mohammedans, Christians. Although these people are not criminals, Moses or Jesus, they are sources of certain criminality. For example, all the religious leaders of the world have made celibacy one of the most moral acts. And it is one of the most immoral acts because it is unnatural.

That which is unnatural cannot be moral.

I was in Greece. Amrito is here, my sannyasin. She told me that the Greek Orthodox Church believes very fanatically in virginity.

I said, “That must mean all the girls that are not married in Greece are virgins?”

She laughed. She herself had been a beautiful girl, had been chosen as a beauty queen in Greece, had been working as a model. She said, “Don’t ask that. If you want to know, you cannot find a single virgin. This is simply a principle. And nobody ever inquires about how many virgins there are.” Now, to make virginity a moral precept, unknowingly you are creating criminals, guilty people, psychopaths, perverted people.

In the nineteenth century in Europe it was absolutely necessary that you married a virgin girl. But sometimes a girl was a virgin, but the certificate that made her a virgin may have been lost. It is a very small certificate! Just riding on a horse, you can lose your virginity. Even riding on a bicycle you can lose your virginity - because it is a small, thin skin.

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