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Chapter 6: Desireless Devotion

Meditation is a vehicle and meditation is also the goal. Love is a vehicle and love is also the goal.

As vehicles, love and meditation are separate, but they are not separate as the goal. They are the means and also the end: you attain through them and you also attain to them. So always remember, whenever I am talking about love and meditation I am just talking from two different angles. Sometimes when I discuss about the means then I say that they are different - but when I am talking about the goal then I say that they are one and the same.

You say, “Sahajo’s way is of love, devotion, surrender and the worship of the master. Yet why does she emphasize introversion, the inward journey and non-attachment?” Because there is no contradiction in it. If love becomes total then it will go beyond attachment. If non-attachment becomes total then through it a continuous stream of love is bound to flow.

What does it mean to be unattached? To be unattached means that one has risen above attachment. And what is the meaning of love? - that one has risen above sex.

When will you be able to see beyond words? Why do words obscure your vision so much?

The meaning of love is freedom from attachment. Non-attachment also has the same meaning. Non-attachment is a word of meditators and devotion is a word of lovers. This is the only difficulty. If you ask Mahavira he will say non-attachment; if you ask Meera, Sahajo, Daya, Chaitanya, they will say love, devotion - and then you become confused.

Surrender? What is the difference between moving within and surrender? When you surrender yourself, then what are you surrendering? You are surrendering your extroversion - what else can you surrender? What else do you have to offer? You are surrendering your ego at the feet of the master, then what remains is your inner being. Your extroversion is gone, you have left it, you have renounced it. Then only your interiority remains, and that is your pure existence.

You are asking about worshipping the master and the inward journey. The master is outside, but the outside master is simply a device to take you to the inner master. When you surrender yourself totally at the feet of the outside master, then when you open your eyes you will find that the outside master has disappeared. It was only because you were looking outside that the master appeared to be outside. Suddenly you find that the same tune is playing within you. This is not somebody outside, somebody is speaking inside.

I have heard, a fakir arrived at a mosque. Perhaps he was a little late, the people were already leaving. So he said, “Brothers, the gathering has finished so quickly, what is your hurry? Why has the prayer finished so soon? You could have done it a little more slowly, more silently.”

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