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Chapter 2: No No-Mind

So the next day when the man came in, the bartender offered him another free drink to listen to the flea singing and the roach playing the piano.

As time went on the bartender became more and more intrigued with this show and insisted on seeing it every day in exchange for a free drink.

One day, not being able to contain his curiosity any longer, the bartender offered the man a full case of his best whiskey in exchange for the secret behind the little performers.

The customer, after giving it a little thought, agreed. Once again he opened the box and the flea came out singing and the roach playing the piano. And he said. “The trick is this: it is not really the flea who sings, but the roach is a ventriloquist!”

It is not in fact me who is singing and dancing and doing all kinds of tricks, the secret is: God is a ventriloquist!

The second question:

I have dropped all my attachments; but still subtle attachments remain. I am even attached to non-attachment, to no-mind, to no no-mind. I am aware of the subtle ego. How should we go beyond this vicious circle?

It is a great blessing that you are aware of it, of the vicious circle. It is one of the most significant things, to be aware of it. Only after that can something be done - or undone. But there are many people who are not aware of it, even people who have risen to great heights of spirituality, who are almost enlightened - just one step more and they will be buddhas. But the last step is certainly, and obviously too, the most subtle one.

It is easy to drop the mind; it is difficult to drop no-mind; and it is very very difficult to drop no no-mind, because the mind is a very cunning fellow - it goes on creating itself again and again. It goes on receding: you drop the mind, it becomes the no-mind; you drop the no-mind, it becomes the no no-mind, and so on and so forth, ad infinitum. You drop your attachments, it becomes attached to the very idea of non-attachment. You drop out of the world, you renounce the world, now it clings to the very idea of renunciation. But the clinging remains. It goes on changing its object of clinging, but it continues to exist.

Just the other day I received a long letter from Holland from one of our most beautiful sannyasins, Amrito. He went to see J. Krishnamurti, and J. Krishnamurti behaves almost like a bull when he sees my sannyasins. The red color.and he simply loses all his enlightenment! That’s why in Spain I have so few sannyasins: the bulls don’t like it!

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