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Chapter 6: Your Boat Is Useless on Land

God, similarly, lies before you, everywhere. Wherever your eyes reach he is there, but you do not have the eyes to see. Your eyes cannot see him, your ears cannot hear him, your hands cannot touch him. You are deaf, dumb, lame! He calls you but you cannot run toward him. He calls from all four sides but, alas, you are deaf. There is no differentiation, no discrimination from him towards anyone. For all come from him and ultimately merge into him. How can there be any discrimination?

Do you differentiate between your right hand and your left hand - that when your right hand hurts it is worse than when your left hand is in pain? Both are yours, left and right, inside you are just one - yourself.

Does he differentiate between the rich and the poor, the learned and the ignorant, the good and the bad? If his gift were conditional, he would give only if you conform to his requirements. It would be a business deal, a bargain. No, God gives unconditionally. If you cannot receive his gift, it is you who are wanting. He knocks at your door, but you think it is the wind. You see his footsteps, but you begin to interpret and offer your comments, which only deepen the darkness in your eyes.

God comes to you from many directions. He does not spare himself at all. He comes to you as much as he came to Buddha, as much as he came to Nanak. For him you are not any different from Nanak. But Nanak recognizes him; he is a jeweler. Buddha holds the hem of his robe while you keep missing him again and again. When you are qualified, when you become an adept in the art of assaying, your blindness will vanish. After all your efforts cause your ego to fall, when through exhaustion you are no more, you find that he was always there before you. He was right at the tip of your nose; wherever your nose turned, there he was. You missed because of your own self.

Keep this well within your heart: if you miss you are the cause, if you attain it is through his grace. This is incomprehensible to those who have not known. Logic would assert: if I miss because of myself, I shall also attain because of myself. While the logic seems tight it is a mistake; you miss because of yourself, you attain because of him, his grace.

What does this mean? It means that as long as you are, you cannot attain him. Then how can you attain through yourself, since your very self is the obstruction? The stronger the I in you, the greater is the obstruction, the stronger is the wall. Once the walls fall, he stands directly before you. Conscious effort will break the wall and the door will open, but the light of God was always outside the door.

When you attain him, many things become clear to you. One: I missed because of myself, I attained because of you. Two: you were near but I sought you in far off places, not where you were. Three: the supports I used in my search were those by which you can never be sought.

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