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Chapter 2: I Teach Only Awareness

When the sex desire arises, one simply pays total attention to it: not judging, not saying this is good or bad, not saying this is evil, not saying that this is a provocation from the Devil. No, no evaluation at all, because all valuation belongs to the mind and witnessing is not of the mind. Good, bad - all distinctions belong to the mind, and the witnessing is undivided, one. It is neither good nor bad: it simply is. One pays attention to hunger or to the sex desire, total attention - and total attention is such an energy, it is fire. The hunger is simply burned, the sex desire is simply burned. What happens? What is the mechanism inside?

You feel hunger - in fact, you have never been hungry. The body has been hungry, you have never been hungry. But you are identified with the body: “I am the body.” That’s why you feel you are hungry. When you pay attention to hunger a distance is created, the identity breaks down. The identification is no longer there. You are no longer the body; the body is hungry and you are the watcher. Suddenly a blissful freedom arises in you: “I am not the body, I have never been the body. The body is hungry; I am not hungry.” The bridge is broken, you are separate.

The body has a desire for sex because the body has come out of sex. The body has a desire for sex because every cell of the body is sexual. Your mother and your father, in a deep sexual activity, have created your body. The first cells of your body came out of deep sexual passion; they carry the quality of it. And those cells have been multiplying themselves; that’s how your whole body is created. Your whole body is sex passion. The desire arises. It is natural for the body, nothing is wrong in it. The body is sexual energy and nothing else.

Brahmacharya is not possible for the body: sexuality is natural for the body. And for you only brahmacharya is natural; sex is unnatural, absolutely unnatural. That’s why we call celibacy, brahmacharya. The English word celibacy is not very good. It is very ordinary, cheap. It doesn’t carry the sense of brahmacharya. Brahmacharya is derived from the root brahman. The word brahmacharya means that you have come to attain, you have come to know that you are the brahman, the ultimate, the divine - you are godliness itself.

When one starts feeling this, that one is godliness itself, then there is real celibacy. Because then there is no problem. What happens, what is miraculous.? When you are separate, when the bridge is broken, you are not identified with the body. You don’t say, “I am the body,” you say, “I am in the body, but not the body. I live in this house, but I am not the house. I am in these clothes, but the clothes are not me.” When you have come to attain this. And I say attain, because intellectually you know it already - that is not the point; you have not realized it. When you realize in deep attention to hunger, or to sex, or anything - you realize. Suddenly the bridge disappears between the body and the embodied soul. When the gap is there and you have become a witness, then the body lives through your cooperation.

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