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Chapter 13: Man Can Be Transcended

This is good as far as the professionals are concerned because they live off it. But this is not a help. The West will have to go beyond psychoanalysis, and unless the West comes to the methods of growing consciousness, of inner growth of being, of expansion of consciousness, psychoanalysis cannot be of much help.

Now, this is happening already: psychoanalysis is already out of date. The keen thinkers of the West are now thinking about how to expand consciousness and not about how to solve problems - about how to make a man alert and aware. Now this has come; the seeds have sprouted. The emphasis has to be remembered.

I am not concerned with your problems. There are millions, and it is just useless to go on solving them - because you are the creator and you remain untouched. I solve a problem and you will create ten. You cannot be defeated because the creator remains behind them. And as I go on solving, I am just wasting my energy.

I will push aside your problems; I will simply penetrate you. The creator must be changed. And once the creator is changed, the problems on the periphery drop. Now no one is cooperating with them, no one is helping to create them, no one is enjoying them. You may feel this word strange, but remember well that you enjoy your problems; hence you create them. You enjoy them for so many reasons.

The whole of humanity is sick. There are basic reasons, basic causes, which we go on overlooking. Whenever a child is sick he gets attention; whenever he is healthy no one gives him any attention. Whenever a child is sick, the parents love him - or at least they pretend. But whenever he is okay, no one is worried about him. No one thinks to give him a good kiss or a good hug. The child learns the trick. And love is a basic need and attention is a basic food. For the child, attention is even more potentially necessary than milk. Without attention something will die within him.

You may have heard about new experiments in one English laboratory, Delabar, where they are experimenting with plants. Even plants grow faster if you give them attention - just look at them lovingly. Two plants are used for the experiment. Give one plant attention, love - just a smiling, loving approach - and to the other do not give any attention. Give everything else necessary water, fertilizers, sun rays; give everything equally to each, but to one give more attention. To the other do not give any attention; whenever you pass nearby just don’t look at it. And you will see that the one grows faster, brings bigger flowers, and the other grows in a delayed way and brings smaller flowers.

Attention is energy. When someone looks lovingly at you he is giving you food - a very subtle food. So every child needs attention and you give attention only when he is ill, when there is some problem. So if the child needs attention he will create problems, he will become a creator of problems.

Love is a basic need. Your body grows with food, your soul grows with love. But you can get love only when you are ill, when you have some problem; otherwise no one is going to give you love. The child learns your ways; then he starts creating problems. Whenever he is ill or with a problem, everyone gives attention.

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