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Chapter 21: The Spirit Returns and Touches Heaven

Buddhas don’t teach, they only share. They don’t give you a doctrine, they certainly give you a discipline. They don’t give you beliefs, they certainly give you a taste of trust. And just a drop of the taste of trust and life is transmuted. And to connect with an awakened being, the only way is to become a little bit awakened on your own part too, because the like can meet the like. To be with a Buddha is to be a little bit more alert than life generally requires you to be. Life wants you to be automatic, robot-like. When you go to a Master, he requires that you drop your automatism, that you de-automatize yourself, that you become a little more alert, that you don’t go on looking at things.also remember your being.

So Buddha’s disciples were meditating.. Such a beautiful morning is not to be missed! And when birds are praising the morning sun, you have also to praise God. And when trees are swaying in the wind, you have also to participate in this eternal dance, you have also to celebrate. Another day is born - forget the past, die to the past - be born anew.

Buddha had a disciple named Subhuti.. Buddha was a very fortunate Master: he had tremendously potential disciples. A few of them were really rare beings. Subhuti is one of those rare beings who was just on the verge of buddhahood - just one step more and he would be a buddha. He was coming home, every moment coming home, closer and closer to the center - where ego disappears and God is born, where you die and the whole is born. When the part disappears into the whole, when the cosmos takes place and then you are no more a separate entity, trembling, afraid of death, then you are part of this eternal play of existence. He was just on the verge.

He was one of the most silent of Buddha’s disciples. So silent was he that the scriptures say that he had almost become absent. He would come and nobody would take note of him. He would pass and nobody would become aware that he had passed.

He was a very silent breeze.. Ordinarily you want to be noticed. If you are not noticed, you feel hurt. You want attention. Who wants attention? Attention is the requirement of the ego, the ego feeds on it. So if attention is not given to you, if you come and nobody notices you, you pass and nobody says, “Good morning. How are you?” - as if you had not passed - you will feel wounded. You will start thinking, “So, I am thought to be a nobody, and I will show these people who I am!”

The ego always hankers for attention.

Subhuti was so silent.. His desire for attention had disappeared. And the moment desire for attention disappears, all politics disappears from your being. Then you are religious. Then you are perfectly at home with your nobodiness. Then you live a totally different life. Then you live so silently that you don’t make any fuss, that you don’t make any ripples, that you come and you go as if you had never come and you had never gone.

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