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Chapter 5: Desire Only That Which Is Within You

Why waste your time and energy in desiring things outside yourself? Even if you get them, they will be lost and all your efforts will vanish like lines drawn on water - before you have finished drawing them, they are already erased. All your wealth is just like this: you have hardly taken hold of it, and it has already begun to disappear. If you have to desire something, then desire that which does not prove to be like lines drawn on water. And that wealth resides within you.

Man is born with this wealth. In existence no one is poor; existence makes everyone an emperor. We become poor through our own doing. Poverty is something which is created; we earn it through our great efforts. We are born wealthy. A kingdom is our very destiny, it is hidden within us.

Yet even that which is hidden within us has to be attained, because we have forgotten about it, we have no memory of it. We have deliberately diverted our attention to a road where the memory of the inner has been lost. Our attention has been diverted to the outside, and we have forgotten how to turn our attention inside.

There are reasons why we focus on the outside - and this has not happened because of some bad deeds in the past. There are natural reasons for our attention going to the outside. It is necessary for survival. If a child is born with his attention only turning inward, he will not be able to survive. The child needs to pay attention to the outer. He needs to be alert to the outside for the sake of his body, for the sake of his life, for the sake of his safety. When he is hungry, food will not be provided from within - it will have to come from the outside. So when the child feels hungry his attention goes to the outside, from where he can get his food.

That is why, whether you know it or not, women’s breasts hold an attraction for men even when the men have become old. This is the first experience of childhood and it is hard to let go of it. The first relationship that the child had with the world was through his mother’s breasts. The very foundations of his whole life and security are in the breasts. Breasts were the child’s first world. The breasts were his first contact with the outside world, and a pleasant contact, through which he was able to grow, develop and survive.

That’s why even when a man becomes old, his fascination with a woman’s breasts doesn’t leave him. In films, paintings, and statues, man has paid a lot of attention to the breasts. It is a memory from childhood which does not leave him. The day it does, know that you have been freed from the world. The breasts were your first world, for you the world began from there. They became the basis of your first contact with the world.

So when the child feels hungry his attention goes to the outside, and when he feels thirsty his attention goes to the outside. All his needs are fulfilled from the outside. The soul is not a need and you do not need to look for it on the outside. It is already there - inside. And because we do not need to look for it, we forget it. We only keep in our remembrance what is needed.

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