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Chapter 23: Existence Is Very Shy

In a sense it is ordinary, but in a very special sense: I call it extraordinarily ordinary. Only the superficial can think of it as ordinary; otherwise, behind this apparently ordinary existence there are so many mysteries, incalculable - you just have to be open to it.

The tide is turning but it will depend on you, whether you allow it to turn or you prevent it from turning. The ordinary, normal life is not going to give you anything; it is just a burden, a drag from the cradle to the grave. Only if something of the spiritual starts happening do you start for the first time having some meaning, some significance, some blissfulness.

And as you become attuned to all these experiences, existence goes on opening new doors - doors upon doors, peaks upon peaks. And there is no end, the mystery is infinite.

On your part, all that is needed is a deep trust that wherever existence takes you, it is good. Go easily with it, without any reluctance, without any resistance, because a slight reluctance, a slight resistance immediately closes the doors.

Existence is very shy.

It never interferes in anybody’s life.

If last night something happened to you, you must have been so absorbed in listening that you forgot to close the doors of your being. You forgot your ordinary, normal psychology. You became so attuned with me, you fell in such a harmony, that things which were not possible for you before, suddenly started happening.

What has happened, happens to many meditators - an experience of expansion. It is not imagination; you really expand your consciousness. Your consciousness is not limited within your body; it has the capacity to expand to the very limits of existence - if there are any limits. The center will remain in you, but the periphery will go on becoming bigger and bigger and bigger.

In the beginning it is certainly scary. But once you have taken the step with courage, with trust, the very experience that was looking risky becomes the most beautiful experience of life. You will ask for it, you will pray for it. Each moment you will wait for it. And this is nothing, this is only a small fragment. There are so many experiences which you may not have even heard about.

But they are all possible. You have the potential capacity for them, it is just that the society does not allow all those experiences. And society has a reason for it. If people start becoming exotic, outlandish, freaking out, suddenly dancing in the middle of the street blocking the traffic.the normal life will feel these people are disturbances.

It used to happen with Ramakrishna - and I take Ramakrishna as an example because he is not very ancient, so that nobody can say it is just a mythology. I have come in contact with people whose fathers or grandfathers have been eyewitnesses of these experiences.

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