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Chapter 6: Beginning a New Path

And I am not talking about a pattern, but the deeper pattern which holds all the patterns. There is a pattern, another pattern, another pattern, millions of patterns. Then all the patterns are held by something underground which is the pattern of patterns - the hidden harmony. They cannot look at it, but they are not at fault. When you live with a certain tradition, a certain philosophy, a certain way of looking at things, you become attuned to it.

In a way, I was never attuned to anybody - not so much that I could have become a part of them. In a sense it is a misfortune, but in another sense it proved a blessing. Many who worked with me achieved liberation before me. It was a misfortune to me. I lagged and lagged behind because I was never working totally with anything, moving from one to another.

Many achieved who started with me. Even a few who started after me achieved before me. This was a misfortune, but in another sense this has been a blessing because I know every home. I may not belong to any home, but I am at home everywhere. That is why I have got no master of masters -I was never a disciple. To be directed by a master of masters, you have to be a disciple to a certain master. Then you can be directed. Then you know the language. I am not directed by anybody but helped by many. The difference has to be understood: I am not directed, I don’t receive any orders, “Do this or don’t do that,” but I am helped by many.

Jainas may not feel that I belong to them, but Mahavira feels, because at least he can see the pattern of patterns. Followers of Jesus may not be able to understand me, but Jesus can. So I am helped by many. That’s why many people are coming to me from different sources. You cannot find such a gathering anywhere on the earth at this time. Jews are there, Christians are there, Mohammedans are there, Hindus, Jainas, Buddhists, from all over the world. And more, many more, will be coming soon.

That’s a help from many masters. They know I can be helpful to their disciples; they will be sending many more - but no instructions, because I never received instructions from any master as a disciple. Now there is no need also. Just a help, and that is better - I feel more freedom. Nobody can be so free as I am.

If you receive directions from Mahavira, you cannot be as free as I am. A Jaina has to remain Jaina; he has to go on talking against Buddhism, against Hinduism. He has to, because it is a fight of many patterns and traditions, and traditions have to fight if they want to survive. And for the sake of disciples they have to be argumentative; they have to say, “That is wrong,” because only then the disciple can feel, “This is right.” Against wrong, the disciple feels what is right.

With me you will be at a loss. If you are just here with your intellect you will be confused. You will go crazy; because this moment I say something and next moment I contradict it; because this moment I was talking about one tradition, and another moment I am talking about another. Sometimes I am not talking about any tradition; I am talking about me. Then you cannot find it anywhere in any scripture.

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