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Chapter 8: The Turtle

Religion is rebellion, rebellion against the others, rebellion against the well-wishers, rebellion against the do-gooders. It is the greatest rebellion, because you are alone, nobody else is there, and you have to travel the path alone. It is the rebellion of the individual against the crowd.

The crowd is very, very powerful. It can crush you, it has already crushed you. You are crippled and crushed, you are almost dead. To leave you alive is dangerous for the crowd because then you will follow your own path, and the crowd has its own path - it wants you to follow it. The crowd wants you to become a clerk in a post office, a teacher in a primary school, a nurse in a hospital, and your inner voice may not be ready for it. Your inner voice may be moving you to become a poet, or a dancer, or a singer. Your inner voice may be moving you to become a Buddha or a Chuang Tzu. But the society does not need a Buddha - it needs a perfect executive. What is a Buddha needed for? He is useless economically, a burden.

Once it happened that Mulla Nasruddin went to a psychiatrist wearing a beret, a smock, a flowing beard. The psychiatrist asked, “Are you an artist?” Nasruddin said, “No, not at all!”

The psychiatrist said, “Then why this beret, smock and beard?”

Nasruddin said, “That’s what I am here to inquire: Why? I never wanted it. This is my father, he wanted me to be a painter, a great artist. That is why I am here: to inquire.”

You are in such bad shape because so many people have wanted so many things of you. If you fulfill them you will remain unfulfilled, because nobody can expect the thing that you are here for - for that you have to search, it is an inner inquiry. That is the soul. You may call it God, you may call it truth. Names differ, but the real thing is to find the authentic destiny that you are here for; otherwise one day or other you will have to go to the psychiatrist and ask. And everybody is getting nearer the door of the psychiatrist! Even the psychiatrist himself is in bad shape, because he goes to some other psychiatrist for his own analysis - they do each other’s psychoanalysis. And this is really something: more psychiatrists commit suicide than anybody else, twice as many as any other profession. Twice as many as in any other profession go mad, and they are here meaning to help others! Everybody is in bad shape because nobody has listened to his authentic being. Listen to it, and don’t listen to anybody else.

It is going to be arduous, you will have to lose much, many investments will be lost. This is what I mean by sannyas: it is a renunciation of false investments, it is a renunciation of others and their wishes and their expectations, and it is a decision to be authentically oneself.

Enough for today?