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Chapter 26: Your Existence Is Just a Carbon Copy

We are acquainted with all these loves; they are all conditional. Even the love of parents for their children is conditional: if you obey them, if you are not a rebel, if you are going to become what they want you to become, you will be loved; but if you go on your own way - parents even abandon their children, disinherit their children.

But these reflections indicate that there must be a reality which is reflected. Without something real, there cannot be any reflections.

In the enlightened man, love becomes his very nature, his very breath, his very heartbeat. Wherever he is, he goes on showering his love. It is unconditional - it does not ask anything from you, hence it cannot be disturbed. And unless you know this love, you have only been dreaming about love. All those reflections are nothing but dreams, and they bring great misery, anxiety, anguish. In between they give you a few moments of joy - those moments are nothing but consolations.

Authentic love is a tremendous contentment in yourself; it is a settling of your energies at the center of your being. This centeredness brings an alchemical change to your energies. Then wherever you are - with the trees, with the ocean, with the mountains, with the stars, with people, with animals, with birds - you cannot do anything, love simply radiates from you. It is your very life. You cannot prevent it. Preventing it will be committing suicide.

From your so-called love affairs, learn only one thing: that there must be something authentic and real and eternal which is reflected in the mirrors of your relationships. Unless you know that love, you will suffer much, and you will gain nothing. And it can be known because it is your intrinsic capacity; you are born with the seed. You just have to take a little care with it, and it will start growing. Soon you will be full of flowers - the spring has come. And once it comes, it never goes. To the very last moment it remains there.

A very beautiful story is told about Gautam Buddha. He informed his disciples that on a particular day, the coming full moon night, he was going to die. As the full moon disappeared, he would also disappear.

It is a rare coincidence that Gautam Buddha was born on a full moon night, he became enlightened on a full moon night, and he died on a full moon night.

Thousands of his disciples rushed from all over the place just to see him for the last time. There was great sadness, but people were holding back their tears, not to make his departure difficult. And Buddha asked, “If you have any questions - because tomorrow I will not be here - if in your heart there is some question still which you have not exposed, just ask me. Before I leave I want all my disciples to be completely alert, without any questions. I want my disciples to become answers, not questions.”

Nobody said anything. Only Ananda said, “You have answered us for forty-two years continually, day in, day out - we don’t have any questions. We have come just to be near you when you dissolve into the universal consciousness.

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