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Chapter 1: Be Unpredictable

He said, “Pornography?”

I said, “You can open the book anywhere and you will find pornography and nothing else. And it is not only the case with you; it is the case with Hindus, with Mohammedans, with Jews, with everybody. Their so-called holy books are so unholy, but nobody looks into it. With faith, one goes on believing.”

The chaplain was a little puzzled. He said, “I will have to look into it again.”

I said, “You will have to look, but you will have to look not with faith, because faith is blindness. You will have to look with a reasoning intelligence. Jesus proclaiming himself the only begotten son of God.. Now, if you come across somebody in the street proclaiming that he is the only begotten son of God, what are you going to think about the man?”

He said, “I will think he is mad.”

I said, “Then why are you thinking differently about Jesus? In Jesus’ life not a single rabbi, not a single scholar, not a single man of intelligence, of the intelligentsia, ever became his disciple. The twelve people that became his apostles were fishermen, woodcutters, farmers, shoemakers - or the lowest class, uneducated.

“Just visualize a man sitting on a donkey. Jesus used to sit on a donkey - riding donkeys was prevalent in Judea - followed by twelve uneducated people, proclaiming himself the only begotten son of God.” The chaplain said, “Just stop! You can destroy my faith. Now this idea of Jesus sitting on a donkey, followed by twelve uneducated people - it will take years for me to get rid of it.”

The function of the coordinator is to help people to be more intelligent about any problem, to be more rational; and secondly, to make them aware that it is not a question of their being right or your being right. The question is: what is truth? Truth belongs to nobody, and we are all seekers.

The function of the coordinator is very important. He should be very humble; only then can he do this work. He should not be authoritative in any way, because if he himself is authoritative, then how is he going to help people to grow in intelligence?

How can we avoid being authoritative?

It is very simple.

The people who are authoritarian are the people who are suffering from an inferiority complex.

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