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Chapter 8: A Blissful Milieu

Who is this doer? Mind is the doer. Whether you do or you don’t, either way you remain the doer. One person surrenders, tries to surrender, makes efforts to surrender; another holds himself back, avoids surrender. Both are missing the point.

Surrender is a happening. The disciple simply finds he is melting, he is disappearing. His boundaries are getting blurred, he is becoming cloudy, he is becoming a nebula. Great courage is needed. Surrender cannot be done - but if you are cowardly you can escape from it, you can prevent it, you may not allow it to happen. So it is not something that the disciple has done. If the disciple has done it then there is a relationship. And all relationships are conditioning.

And remember this too, that a master is not an authority. The master has no authoritarian attitude. He helps - he is an occasion for growth, an opportunity, not an authority. He simply indicates. A buddha only points the way. And that way is also not pointed to because the master has a fixed system - the way is not pointed according to a system, the way is pointed according to you.

Remember this always, that any system of liberation may work once for one individual, because individuals are so unique. Each individual is such a uniqueness - that’s why he is called the individual. There has never been anybody like him, and there will never be again. So no system is really applicable to him.

Then what is a master doing if he is not dishing you out systems? He is simply helping you to grow into whosoever you can grow to, whatsoever you can grow to. He is not trying to grow roseflowers. If you are a marigold he helps you to become a marigold, if you are a roseflower he helps you to become a roseflower, if you are a lotus he helps you to become a lotus. He has no prejudice, he has no system; the master simply looks into you. A master is a gardener, he helps your seed to be dropped into the soil. He assures you: “Don’t be afraid.” The master is a gesture of assurance.

Naturally you are afraid, every seed is afraid - because what is the guarantee that if he dissolves into the soil there will arise a tree and the tree will bloom? A seed will never be able to see it; the seed will be gone. You will be gone; you will never see your buddhahood. You will never be able to say, “Yes, this is what I was looking for” - because the one who was looking for it has to dissolve before it can happen. So you are moving into the unknown.

The master is at the most an occasion. Seeing into the master, feeling empathy with the master, feeling love for the master, you are assured: you can take the jump into the unknown. The master is not an authority, he is not giving you orders, he simply points to the moon. The finger is unimportant - if you cling to the finger then it is your problem; then you have a need to depend.

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