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Chapter 4: Religion Is Individual Flowering

And I am not promising you anything. I cannot promise, in the very nature of things. Truth cannot be promised, you have to feel it. Remember, authority appeals to the head, to the reason. I don’t appeal to the reason, my appeal is to the heart. The heart does not bother about authority. When you fall in love with a woman, do you ask for authority? Has she any authority from Cleopatra that she is beautiful? Do you ask for certificates? Has she been certified by experts that she is really a beauty? Do you take her to the doctor to examine her, to the aesthetic philosopher to decide whether she is really a beauty? No, even if the whole world says that she is not beautiful, you say, “I don’t care. I love her, and I know that she is beautiful.” She is beautiful because you love, not otherwise. You don’t love her because she is beautiful; she becomes beautiful because you love.

I become an authority if you love me, not otherwise. If you are asking for the authority, then you will never love me. Then it is better that we take leave of each other - the sooner the better. I am not going to produce any authority; I have none. You have to look into the person himself. You have to look into me, my presence; you have to feel it intimately.

That’s why I say that courage is needed, and only the courageous can love. Love is the greatest courage in the world because it cannot depend on anything else. It has to depend just on a hunch, it has to depend on intuition; it cannot depend on intellect. There is no other proof. Love asks for no other proof, and love cannot produce any proof.

Jews had to reject Jesus. Why? - because he could not produce an authority. “By what authority?” they were asking again and again. “By what authority do you speak? Who has given you the authority to speak?” Who can give authority to a Jesus? And whatsoever he said was absurd. He said, “Authority.? Before Abraham was, I am.” Now, Abraham is the most respected prophet of the Jews. And Jesus says, “Before Abraham was, I am.” Even Abraham cannot make me authoritative. I am not following Abraham, I have preceded him.

Now this is absurd, because the time gap is so vast. Abraham was thousands of years before. And Jesus says, “Before Abraham was, ever was, I am. My existence precedes Abraham’s. Who can give me authority?” And he is right, because the source that he has touched in himself is eternal. The source he has touched in himself needs no authority to prove it. On the contrary, Jesus becomes the proof that Abraham was right. This is preposterous.

That’s what I am saying: I am saying, I am the proof that Krishna was right; I am the proof that Buddha was right; I am the proof that Jesus was right, not otherwise.

So I have no authority. I am here - take it or leave it.

The second question:

My understanding is that knowledge is understanding. The wisdom of the sages is the wisdom of the ages. Please lead me to wisdom.

In one question there are three questions. First: “My understanding is that knowledge is understanding.” No, sir. Knowledge is never understanding. Knowledge is a deception of understanding. Knowledge is a pseudo-coin, a substitute; it is not understanding. Knowledge is borrowed, understanding is never borrowed.

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