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Chapter 2: The Mystery of Meditation

Existence is always young, language is always old. And through language, you escape existence. In fact through language you escape life, because language is dead. And the more you are involved in it, the more you are in it, you are being deadened by it. So if you have to find a person who is completely dead, you will have to find a pundit. A pundit is completely dead because he is language, words and nothing else.

Sartre has given his autobiography the name Words. It is the autobiography of everyone more or less. We live in words. That is, we don’t live. And in the end there is only a series of words accumulated and nothing else. Words are like still thoughts. You see something, you take a picture; the picture is dead. The situation is never dead. Then you can make an album of dead pictures. In the end, a person who has not been in meditation is just like a dead album: only linguistic pictures, memories. Nothing lived, everything verbalized.

Meditation means living, living totally, and you can live totally only when the barrier of language is crossed, when you are silent. But by being silent, I don’t mean unconscious. You can be silent and unconscious, then it is not a living silence. Again, you have escaped.

So through a mantra you can autohypnotize yourself. By simply repeating a word you can create so much boredom for your mind that it goes to sleep. Boredom is a necessary step toward sleep. You just drop into sleep, in the unconscious. So, so many - rather all techniques of meditation - are techniques toward boredom, or they are autohypnotic. You can go on chanting “Ram, Ram, Ram.” The mind will feel bored, will feel sleepy. And if you go on chanting and chanting, then it will go to sleep. Then language will not be there, the linguistic barrier will not be there, but you will be unconscious.

Meditation means language should not be there, and you should be conscious. Otherwise there is no communion with existence, with all that exists, with all that is. What can be done? No mantra can help, no chanting can help. They cannot be instrumental to meditation. They can only be instrumental toward autohypnosis, and autohypnosis is not meditation. It is quite the contrary. To be in an autohypnotized state is regression. It is not going beyond language; it is falling below it.

So what can be done? In fact, you cannot do anything except understand, because whatsoever you can do will come out of you. And you are confused, and you are not in meditation, and your mind is not silent. So anything out of you will create more confusion. All that can be done is to understand.

Begin to understand how the mind has taken complete charge of you, and let there be moments, allow moments, when words are not. You cannot push away words because even the very pushing away will take linguistic forms. If you want to push away words, you will push them with other words. And then a vicious circle is created. You cannot push away words through words. That is impossible, because by using words to push, you are still using language and strengthening the barrier. So no word can be used; that means no mantra can be used. You have just to be aware of how the mind functions, because awareness is not a word. It is an act - existential, not mental. An existential act, any existential act, will be a help.

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