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Chapter 5: Rebellion as Religion

Do you want me to be included in such company? And it is not only in this case where he murdered his mother and proved his obedience, which in Hindu eyes is one of the most religious qualities. All religions believe that you should be obedient. No religion has ever said to you that to be a rebel is to be authentically religious.

That’s what I say to you: to be rebellious is to be religious.

Obedience is a strategy of the priest, of the politicians, to exploit you, to keep you in slavery, in mental slavery. All religions praise obedience.

And when he committed this murder - and to kill one’s mother is not an ordinary murder, and without even asking why, because true obedience never asks why - then his father made him a professional murderer. His father was a great priest, and there had been a conflict between the priest and the warrior, the priest and the politician. So his father said, “You destroy all the warriors in the country, all the politicians in the country” - so brahmins, the priests, become both temporal heads and spiritual leaders. It is just like the pope in his tiny empire of the Vatican, which is only eight square miles - our commune is far bigger; one hundred and twenty-six square miles - but in that eight square miles of the Vatican the pope has two things together. He is the temporal head and he is the spiritual head.

That was the effort that Parasurama tried to make. Naturally, brahmins have awarded him the title of avatara, incarnation of God. If Parasurama is an incarnation of God, then what is the incarnation of the Devil? The story may be exaggerated, as all religious stories are: it says that he destroyed single-handedly all the warriors on earth thirty-six times. Perhaps Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mussolini, Mao Zedong, all put together have not killed as many people as Parasurama has done; but still he is an avatara, an incarnation of God.

I am not an avatara. I would prefer just to be an ordinary man. And there is so much beauty in just being ordinary, so much peace, so much joy, so much blessedness - who wants to be a messiah? Who wants to be a paigambara?

Mohammed is the paigambara. He had nine wives. It suits a paigambara, because in those days a person’s prestige was counted by how many wives he had - he had nine wives, and God has chosen him to be his messenger to the world? This man is behaving with women as if they are cattle. He has no respect for women, he does not believe them to be human beings.

But this is nothing. If you look at his whole life, he was continuously killing, fighting. He was killing to spread the word of God, he was killing to spread the message of peace. The word islam means peace; that is the name of his religion. He used to carry a sword on which these words were written: “Peace is my Message.” On his sword: “Peace is my Message.” But there is a condition: if you are converted to Mohammedanism, to Islam, then you are saved; otherwise, it is better for you that you should be killed, because at least by killing you, you will be prevented from committing many sins. He was compassionate in killing you for your own good. Would you like me to sit with Mohammed?

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