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Chapter 6: Buddhahood: Not Only for the Chosen Few

A stupid person.and all persons are stupid unless they become aware and alert. All persons are stupid. So when I say stupid, I don’t mean any condemnation, I simply indicate a state of unawareness. Everybody is born stupid. Fortunate are the few who don’t die stupid. Stupidity is the sleep you live in. How can you avoid it?

How can a man who is fast asleep avoid dreaming? If he tries, he will create another dream. In the very avoidance, you will do something stupid. Don’t avoid it, accept it, because avoidance is trying to defend it. You don’t want anybody to know that you are stupid, but that is not going to help. And the trouble is, by avoiding continuously you may yourself forget that you are stupid. Then you are settled in it, then there is no way out. That’s how you have created your troubles: you have been avoiding them, then you deceive others, then by and by you are deceived yourself.

People come to me with problems, but those are not the real problems. Rarely a person comes with an authentic problem; otherwise they don’t know exactly what their problem is. They have a false problem, so they can be engaged in solving it. They will never be able to solve it because a real disease can disappear, an unreal disease cannot disappear. In the first place, it is not there. How to make it disappear? And by fighting with the wrong disease, they are defending the right disease. They are engaged in fighting with something which is absolutely pseudo, so they are giving time for the real disease to grow and spread and become a cancerous phenomenon in their being.

To look at the right problem is difficult because from the very beginning you have been taught to avoid.

In the Pune newspapers, every day I see somebody dies - a husband dies, a wife dies - and in the memory a picture is printed that “My wife left for the heavenly abode, this very day one year ago.”

You don’t say “death.” That word is too real and hits hard: “Left for the heavenly abode..” Who are you deceiving? - not the wife who has already left. You are deceiving yourself! You are afraid of death, you are hiding death in a beautiful terminology, “heavenly abode.” Now there is no fear; in fact, even a little desire to go yourself..

The basic problem is death. You have made a code and you may forget completely - and this is how you are working with life! You feel angry, but you don’t say that you are angry. You say, “I feel restless.” Restlessness is not a condemnatory thing.

I was reading about a Quaker, a very religious Quaker..

One night, a thief entered. The Quaker took his gun. He wanted to say, “You son of a bitch,” but he won’t say - a Quaker, how can he say.? A religious person.. So he said, “Dear sir, you are standing in the place where I am going to shoot. Please don’t move! And I don’t intend to kill you, this is just accidental - you are standing in the place where I am going to shoot.”

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