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Chapter 14: The Way Goes Through

You can live very superficially, you can avoid the dark night of the soul, but if you avoid the dark night of the soul, you are avoiding all your treasures. You are avoiding the very meaning of your life and existence. Hence the intelligent man takes the challenge and enters into the dark tunnel, which seems to be unending. But it ends one day. If you go on with courage, knowing that people have passed beyond it - that is the beauty of being with a master, because you know that at least one example is before you and with you, who is standing outside of the tunnel and who is constantly calling you to enter the tunnel.because unless you enter, you cannot get out of it. There is no way to bypass it.

There are thousands of frauds in the world and their work is to tell you how to bypass the darkness and the suffering and the sorrow and just become enlightened. Just a transcendental meditation, repeating a certain name, and you will become a realized soul. There is no connection in it, there is no authentic work. What will happen to your unconscious? What will happen to your collective unconscious? You are trying to bypass them, just to leave them. That is not the way.

The way goes through them. You have to cut them and pass through them, knowing perfectly that there is someone with you who has already passed beyond it. Not that you need, as an absolute necessity, the presence of a master - if you have the heart and the trust, even a Gautam Buddha, twenty-five centuries back, will do. It depends on your trust, because there have been people all over the world who are confirming it: “Just enter the darkness of the unconscious watchfully, awake, alert, because that is the only way to pass through it.” Awareness is the only bridge between you and your ultimate flowering.

Jivan Mada is asking: “Beloved Osho, even though you tell jokes and fill our hearts with laughter, while silently cutting our heads with your invisible sword, I feel sometimes you suffer most, from our sleep and unawareness. Please forgive us.”

Jivan Mada, you have stumbled upon a truth. But as far as I am concerned, you are already forgiven. It is true that an authentic master suffers because of your unconsciousness, because of your mistrust, because of your betrayal. And there are so many ways which make the master suffer unnecessarily.

He could have avoided it. And there have been two categories of masters I have told you about: the arhatas and the bodhisattvas. The arhatas don’t suffer. They suffer their own past, their own unconscious, and once they are out of it they don’t want to have anything to do with anybody, because they know that now even to accept anybody as a disciple is to take a responsibility, a burden. And you work hard on a hundred persons; ninety-nine at least are going to betray you. At some point on the way they are going to leave you - and not only leave you, they are going to spread lies, allegations, because they have to protect their own ego. They have to protect, so that nobody can say that they have betrayed. In fact they are feeling deep guilt, and they have to cover it up.

You know what happened to Judas. After twenty-four hours he committed suicide. When Jesus was crucified - he had not realized it before, that things were going to go so far. He had not conceived that Jesus would be crucified, because he had not committed any crime. But Judas betrayed for a small sum of thirty silver pieces.

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