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Chapter 2: Life Is God

That’s what happened to Gautam Buddha. The day he became enlightened, do you know what were the first words that he uttered? He said: “Wonder! Wonder! I have always been this. Wonder! Wonder! The whole existence has become enlightened with me.” He said two things: “I am surprised, for what have I been seeking and searching? - I have been always that!” And the second thing to surprise was: “Everybody is seeking the same as I was seeking and everybody is really enlightened.”

All beings are buddhas from the very beginning. You were a buddha in the beginning, you are a buddha in the middle, you will be a buddha in the end: buddhahood is essential. It is not something accidental that happens and then disappears, sometimes happens, sometimes doesn’t happen. It is your inner nature, it is you.

You ask me: “Is enlightened consciousness less spicy than ordinary consciousness?”

The first thing: There is no ordinary consciousness. Ordinary is unconsciousness. There is only one consciousness and that is enlightened consciousness. But to say “enlightened consciousness” is repetitive, because the two words mean the same - “enlightened” and “consciousness.” So there is no need to use two words, simply “consciousness” is enough.

And certainly it is more spicy, because it is multidimensional. Unconsciousness is one-dimensional, unconsciousness is very narrow; consciousness is openness, consciousness is wide. Consciousness is like the sky, it knows no boundaries: naturally it is more spicy - absolutely spicy. Only a buddha enjoys the world. Not you, you only dream of your enjoyment, your enjoyment is at the most a kind of entertainment. You try to forget your misery with your entertainments, and you call it enjoyment. Only a buddha knows what enjoyment is: it is not entertainment. Once you are aware, you see that you are blissful, bliss comes as a shadow to awareness. Once you know who you are you have all that you can dream, that you have ever dreamed. And more, infinitely more.

Only those who have become awakened know the green of the trees and the red and the gold. Only those who have become awakened know the beauty of the oceans and the sand and the sun. Only those who have become awakened know the immense joy of love, of being related, of communication, of sharing. Only those who have become awakened know the benediction of this existence. They know; others only search, seek, grope in the darkness of their being.

But the question is relevant, for a certain reason; down the ages many religions have existed on the earth - invented by man, invented in his unconsciousness, invented according to his misery, invented out of misery. And they have been trying to depict the ultimate in consciousness as if it is dull, dead, no spice at all in it, no joy in it. Christians say that Jesus never laughed - just ridiculous! If Jesus cannot laugh, then who can? Do you think you can laugh? Yes, sometimes you laugh but your laughter is shallow, it is at the most on the lips, or if it goes very deep it goes to the throat. It does not come from the heart, it does not come from your guts, it does not come from your core. It is just there - superficial, painted, shallow.

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