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Chapter 8: Will-to-Power: The Cancer of the Soul

And then, finally, they had to accept non-Aristotelian logic. They had to accept a simple fact - that nature, existence, has to be listened to. What we impose upon it may be true for the time being; tomorrow we may discover more, it may be proved wrong. Three hundred years ago, Euclid’s geometry was the only geometry, and a complete science. It is not anymore. Non-Euclidian geometry has taken its place. Because of the great discoveries in science, it became absolutely necessary that we have to think against Euclid, against Aristotle.

Mahavira, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed - they all happened before science had even started scratching the very beginning of things. But they all thought that with them evolution stops, with them time stops. No, time does not stop with anybody. Evolution does not stop with anybody. These are all egoistic claims. The ego would like to say that “everything stops with me - I am the ultimate happening. Nothing more, nothing better, nothing higher is going to happen.” Even Gautam Buddha forgets completely. He declares, “I am the highest awakened person, the supreme-most awakened person. Nobody has been so awakened before, and nobody will be so awakened again. Nobody is higher than me, and nobody will ever be higher than me.”

And these people, on the other hand, go on teaching, “Be humble. Drop the ego.” It seems to be a beautiful arrangement. To the people say, “Be humble” - and you are the only begotten son of God! To the people say, “Be egoless” - and you declare yourself the supreme-most awakened person! Not only are you the highest up to now, you are even closing it for the future - nobody can transcend you.

In India there is a religion, Radhaswami. They have a list; they think there are fifteen stages of the evolution of the soul. Mohammed is at the third stage - I am just telling you as an example - Jesus is at the fourth stage, one stage higher; Krishna is at the fifth, one stage higher; Buddha at the tenth. They have put all the names in categories. Their guru, who is not known outside India, not known outside the city of Agra - a very small sect - he has reached to the fifteenth, the last. There is no other stage above it.

I was visiting their temple - they are making a temple just according to the same power trip. Agra has the Taj Mahal, one of the most beautiful creations of man; they are making a better temple, just to defeat the Taj Mahal. They have been working for almost sixty years on it; only one floor, the ground floor, is ready. It will take at least two hundred years more. But the way they are doing it.even from the incomplete structure you can see that, if they succeed - which seems to be difficult - if they succeed in making it they will defeat the Taj Mahal. You can see, just whatsoever they have done is superb. That was their guru’s wish: that his samadhi, his memorial, should be better than the Taj Mahal, “Otherwise don’t make it. If you make it, then it has to be better than the Taj Mahal. If you cannot manage..”

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