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Chapter 9: Discover Your Original Face

Don’t trust the mirrors. Close your eyes and search for your original face. But to close one’s eyes and search for one’s original face is an arduous journey, because in your inner world for centuries, for many lives, you have accumulated only darkness. You are afraid of the inner. You have only a repressed reservoir of unfulfilled desires, greed, anger, lust.

Your religions have been telling you to repress, and to repress means you go on piling up inside your being all that the society condemns. Now you will be afraid to go in because you will have to encounter all those ugly things. They are not ugly, but you have been taught that they are ugly and you have been conditioned, hypnotized that they are ugly - and you believe that they are ugly.

The first thing for the seeker is to get rid of all these beliefs given by others. A believer can never find the truth.

The first sutra:

One man denies the truth.
Another denies his own actions.

Buddha is talking about you, keep on remembering. He is not talking about anybody else, he is addressing you. Otherwise the mind is very clever and cunning. It goes on saying, “He is saying these things to somebody else - you are an exception.” You are not - nobody is. When buddhas speak they speak to the universal, they don’t speak to the exceptional - because, in fact, there are no exceptions. You become exceptional only when you become a buddha, but then you don’t need any buddha to talk to you. Then you don’t need any message from any awakened person. You are awakened.

Once it happened.

An awakened man, a Sufi mystic, Farid, met Kabir, another awakened man. They sat for two days together in absolute silence. Yes, sometimes they hugged each other and they laughed madly and they danced together, but not a single word was uttered.

When the disciples of Farid asked him, “Why for two days continuously didn’t you speak a single word?” he said, “There was no need, because wherever I am, Kabir is also there. We belong to the same dimension, we are bathed in the same light. We are not separate, we only appear separate - on the circumference, from the outside - but our inner beings are at the same point, merging, melting. There is no need to say anything to the other.”

And the same was the reply of Kabir to his own disciples. He said, “It would have been foolish to say anything, absolutely foolish, ridiculous. Something has to be said only because you cannot understand silence; if you can understand silence, then what is the need of words? What is the need of language? Between two buddhas, language is irrelevant. Silence is so beautiful, so tremendously beautiful, so deep, so profound, so expressive, so eloquent, what is the need of words? But words are needed because you cannot understand anything else.”

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