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Chapter 2: You Are Your Own Authority

Well, the people around you have.

They are asleep, and they are free to plan.

Which brings me to my next question.

They are sound asleep and doing great things! I am the only person who is not doing anything.

Well, you’re enlightened.

Because I cannot afford to dream, and to project, and to do. They can afford it; they are asleep.

When I hear you say that - in terms of my model of society, and my framework of reference to the society that I’ve been brought up in, if everyone were truly awakened, what type of society would it be? There has to be planning - but can you plan in the nowness of this moment for the future?

If everybody is awakened, there will be no planning and there will be no need for planning. People will function spontaneously. For example, I have never planned my life. I don’t know what I am going to say in the next sentence. You will ask a question, and my response will be there, but it is not prepared, no planning has gone into it.

So, if everybody was enlightened we would have a totally different world, almost inconceivable now. You will not have atomic weapons, you will not have war; you will not have crime, you will not have courts. You will not have politicians, you won’t have saints, popes. They will all disappear. You will have very innocent, simple, but joyous people all around. They will be doing things, but they will be very simple things, not complicated - nothing like nuclear weapons. They will make houses, but they will not have architecture and schools for architecture. They will do whatsoever is needed simply, without getting deeply into details. They will start a thing without knowing where it is going to end.

That’s how I have lived without planning all these three decades; not knowing anything about tomorrow. But everything has gone perfectly well. In fact, I cannot conceive that it could have been better.

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