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Chapter 3: Freedom Has to Be Earned

The pope came before the gathering of cardinals. Rumors had spread as to the reason for this extraordinary meeting.

“Beloved cardinals,” the pope began. “I have called this special session to announce incredible news. It is, however, good news and bad news. As to the good: I have personally received a phone call from the Lord Jesus Christ. He has arrived on earth and has returned to fulfill his word.”

The cardinals cheered and applauded.

“The bad news,” the pope continued, “is that he called from 17 Koregaon Park, Pune, India.”

Why are you waiting for Jesus Christ? He is already here, he has always been here in the awakened ones. And the world has never missed the awakened ones. Yes, they have been few and far between, but it is because of them the earth still has significance. It is because of them the earth is not yet dead. It is because of those few flowers that the earth has still the perfume of the beyond, that the earth has salt. Otherwise the crowds are dead. If you look at the crowds the earth is a big cemetery.

Only these few people - a Zarathustra, a Jesus, a Lao Tzu, a Buddha, a Kabir, a Nanak. These people who can be counted on the fingers keep the flame burning. But you can become a flame any moment, your heart is ready to burst into flame. But rather than looking inwards, you go on looking outwards, waiting for Jesus Christ. Rather than searching inwards, you go on searching in the scriptures, in mere words. Rather than transforming the state in which you are, you go on hoping that some miracle will happen and everything will be good. These hopes are not going to help you, they are deceptive, dangerous, suicidal.

In the first sutra, Buddha says:

While a man desires a woman,
his mind is bound
as closely as a calf to its mother.

One very significant thing has to be understood before we enter this sutra. In Sanskrit we use the word kama both for desire as such, and for sexual desire. The same word is used for both, and there is a reason the same word is used for both.

To desire a woman or a man, or to desire at all, both are expressed by the same word, kama. The reason is very psychological, profound. Sanskrit is one of the most profound languages of the earth, very deliberately evolved. That is exactly the meaning of the word sanskrit: sanskrit means consciously refined, consciously evolved.

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