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Chapter 20: The Revenge of the Pygmies

It seems there is a revenge; a revenge against all those whom we call the enlightened ones, the awakened ones; a revenge against Gautam Buddha, Mahakashyap, Bodhidharma, because their status, without their intention, made you inferior. They never wanted it to be so. They wanted to help you to grow to even greater heights than themselves. But that was only in theory.

Humanity remained deeply rooted in the earth. For thousands of years it has worshipped the awakened ones. And always remember the basic rule of life: if you worship someone, one day you are going to take revenge.

And this is the revenge against all spiritual giants - the revenge of the pygmies - the declaration, “There is no soul at all, so what all these people are talking about is mere talk. It means nothing. They are talking of the soul and its growth just to reduce you into an unspiritual, retarded human being.”

It happened in the court of one of the great emperors of India, Akbar. He was very interested in collecting all the geniuses to his court - and he had really great people in his court. One day he came, and he drew a line on the wall and said to his people in the court, “Can you make this line small without touching it?”

They thought of all possible ways, but how to make it smaller without touching it? But one man stood up and drew a bigger line on top of it; he did not touch the line the emperor had drawn, but made it small.

It is for centuries that humanity has been accumulating a revenge against all those who really were giants, but whose level the masses could not rise up to. And how long can you live in shame? It is better to accept a philosophy that denies that there is any possibility of any growth - that all these great awakened ones are just fictitious.

And spiritual growth is not something that can be put before the people. It is something invisible - either you feel it or you don’t feel it. If you deny it, whatever the reason for your denial, unknowingly you are also denying your own growth and its possibility. Now you can not conceive that a Gautam Buddha can be born in the Soviet Union. It is impossible.

Atheism was a very small thing in the past, but still it hindered people from growing. Theism proposed that everybody is born with a soul. All that he has to do is to discover it - nothing has to be created, no arduous effort. A simple awareness of yourself and the cover is removed, and you are face to face with yourself. And the moment you know it, your life is transmuted. Everything in your life changes.

These people thought that by insisting that you are born with a soul, the masses will start - because now it is not a question of arduous effort to create it, but only to uncover it.

But the masses took another interpretation of it, they interpreted it, “If the soul is already there what is the hurry? - and you have eternal life, you can uncover it any time. But the fleeting pleasures of life - which are not eternal - don’t miss them!

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