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Chapter 21: The Spirit Returns and Touches Heaven

It is always beautiful. All that is needed is eyes to see it. The birds are there, singing every morning, but who is there to listen? And the trees are blooming, but who is there to appreciate? The aesthetic heart is absent, only the calculating mind is functioning. Hence you live in an ugly world.

I am relating to you an ancient story:

Gautam Buddha’s sannyasins were meditating under the mango trees..

Morning is the best time to meditate. After the whole night’s rest you are very close to the center of your being. It is easier to move into the center consciously, early in the morning, than at any other time - because for the whole night you have been there at the center, you have just left it. The world of a thousand and one things has not yet arisen. You are just on the way, moving towards things, moving into the outside world, but the inner center is very close, around the corner. Just a turning of the head and you will be able to see that which is: truth, God, enlightenment. You will be able to see that into which you had gone when dreams had stopped and sleep was profound. But then you were unconscious.

Deep sleep rejuvenates because although unconsciously you enter into the core of your being, but you still enter - and all the tiredness of the outside world is taken away, and all the wounds are healed, and all the dust disappears. You have taken a bath, you have dived deep into your own being.

That’s why Patanjali says: Deep, dreamless sleep is almost like samadhi - but almost, not exactly samadhi. What is the difference? - only very small or very great - but this much difference is there: in sleep you are unconscious, in samadhi you are conscious. But the space is the same.

So in the morning when you have just awakened and you are very close to the center - soon the periphery will take you, will possess you, you will have to go into the world of occupations - before you go into that external journey, have a look, so that consciously you can see who you are. This is what meditation is all about. Hence, down the ages, the morning, early morning - when the earth is awakening and the trees are awakening and the birds are awakening and the sun is awakening - when the whole atmosphere is full of awakening, you can use this situation. You can ride on this tide of awakening and you can enter into your own being, awake, alert, aware, and your whole life will be transformed. And your whole day will be transformed because then you will have a different orientation.

Then you can go into the marketplace and still you will remain in contact with your inner core. And that is the greatest secret, the Secret of the Golden Flower.

Buddha’s sannyasins were meditating under the mango trees that morning.. As you have gathered around me, thousands had gathered around Buddha. There was nothing else to learn other than to meditate.

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