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Chapter 6: Peeling the Onion

Those tribes don’t collect rubbish. They fall asleep without any trouble, they sleep very deeply, and rarely it happens that somebody says he had a dream.

But the idea of the soul moving out of the body is not only in these aboriginal beliefs. Many people of different cultures have suddenly felt it happening to them for no reason at all. They fall asleep and they suddenly see themselves rising out of the body, moving, doing things. And in the morning they find that they have actually done them, but they had not left the bed as far as the body is concerned.

There are many memoirs about out-of-body experiences, and it is becoming more and more a fact that man can move out of the body. It is dangerous, but if it happens in awareness, on its own, it is harmless; in fact it is infinitely fulfilling, a tremendous release from a prison. The feeling that you are beyond the body will help you in disease, in sickness, in death. Nothing will cause you misery.

But sometimes it can happen to a few people waking up in the morning; it all depends on the speed of waking up. A few people wake up very slowly - between the sleeping and the waking state they take time - so they will never feel this thing. Their pace is such that they will wake very slowly, so by the time they are waking up the sleep is almost gone. But a few people wake up abruptly, and that must be the case with you; your waking up is abrupt. Nothing is wrong with it, but then you will feel a sudden change because of the two different states. In sleep you are in one state, in wakefulness you are in a different state.

This abrupt awakening will give you the sense for a moment that the body is separate and you are entering into it. Enjoy that moment, prolong that moment, enjoy it in every detail. Watch everything that is happening, and that will become a kind of meditation to you. It will help if you are also trying to witness when you go to sleep. It will be easier to witness.

This abrupt awakening is rare. Otherwise everything is very slow, so the two states are so mixed - one grows and one lessens - that you cannot see the distinction. The abrupt awakening happens only if in your past life you died abruptly - that means you were murdered - and that experience has left a deep stigma. It can be used; there is no need to be worried about it. What happened in your past life does not matter. We have to use everything for the best. But abrupt awakening, in my experience, is rare because very few people are murdered.

For other people dying is a slow process; slowly, slowly, slowly they lose consciousness, go into unconsciousness, and then death happens. But if somebody is murdered, then there is no time for a slow process. Then he is awake - fully awake - and he leaves the body.

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