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Chapter 21: Truth Knows No Compromise

And you will be surprised: because of my back, only a Rolls Royce suits me - no other car, no other chair. So you can see the blessing in disguise: my back has brought Rolls Royces to me!

So that’s the reason! I’ve been wondering!

Yes, that’s the reason. Everybody has been wondering, but that is the reason. I keep people wondering about many things.

Another thing I’ve been wondering about - how can a man who likes Rolls Royces dislike spaghetti?

That is a long story! I used to have a very beautiful woman around me - an Italian woman - twenty years ago. I don’t think she ever took a bath. She was simply against it, it seemed. She smelled.just disgusting! But she was a beautiful woman.

It was worth putting up with for a while?

At that time I was not aware that I am allergic. The day I became aware that I am allergic I got rid of that woman. She was the first woman who brought spaghetti to me, and it smelled of her. That’s why I am against spaghetti - even the name spaghetti reminds me of that woman, and I immediately start feeling that an attack of asthma is coming. Otherwise I have nothing against spaghetti.

Well, let me ask you about a subject that may be less pleasant than spaghetti, or more unpleasant..

No, nothing is more unpleasant.

What will happen to your followers when you pass on?

Who cares? What was happening to them when I was not here? The world goes on. When I was not here, it is not a problem to me; what was happening in the world was happening. I was not here, I was not responsible for it. When I am gone, to you I am gone, to me you are gone. So the curtain falls.

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