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Chapter 2: You Are Your Own Authority

What is blocking the awakening in most people?

Just a continuous flow of thoughts.

I’m sorry?

A continuity of thoughts, which is functioning as a barrier - that is the layer that keeps you unaware. Either you are thinking about the past, or you are thinking about the future. But neither the past exists nor the future. And between these two is the very small gap of the present, which you go on missing. That is the point where awakening happens.

That small gap, I make equivalent to an atomic gap - the smallest possible gap. It slips away so quickly, that if you are not completely free from thoughts you are going to miss it.

I saw some deer here, and they were obviously very much in this moment. Is man’s intellectual mind the baggage that we’re carrying around, which blocks our own awareness?

That is the only mind you have. And the deer are not aware of the present; it is you who are thinking that they are aware of the present. They are not. They are neither aware of the present, nor are they aware of the past, nor of the future. They don’t have any thought process.

It is man’s prerogative to be aware of the past, to be aware of the future. And, if he makes effort, then there is a potential in him to be aware of the present. No animal can become enlightened.

Every man has the potential to become enlightened. If he does not become, he is responsible - nobody else is responsible for it.

When you talk about enlightenment and being in this present moment, surely there must be planning for the future? There must be a certain amount of planning that’s gone on around Rajneeshpuram?

I have not planned anything.

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