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Chapter 11: Only a Meditator Can Be a Lover

If you were aware of all this continuously, life would be impossible. You would be so occupied continuously - so much information inside would be coming to the brain - that you would not be able to live in the outside world at all.

For centuries man was not aware that blood circulates. In the old scriptures on medicine - East, West, both - it is depicted that the body is filled with blood, but nowhere is it mentioned that it is in constant circulation. The blood that is in my feet, by the time I have finished the sentence, will have gone around my whole body. It will have passed through my brain and back to my feet; with such great speed the blood is continuously moving. If we were aware of this movement, it would be a great nuisance.

Once in a while, sitting in one posture, your legs start feeling pins and needles because the blood is being stopped. It starts making you aware that the circulation is being hampered and obstructed, and if you don’t listen to it, then your legs go dead. The circulation has stopped. Suddenly you find you have no control over your own legs. The control was in the circulation of the blood; that was your control. Just sixty years before, just in the beginning of this century, man became aware that not only is the body filled with blood, the blood circulates.

For thousands of years, man has believed that the woman has a vaginal orgasm. It was believed all over the world. There was no way of checking it, and perhaps man never wanted to explore the fact, because if the woman becomes aware that she has a separate organ for having orgasm, she becomes free of man. It is part of her slavery to keep the idea floating in her mind that there is only vaginal orgasm.

So when, in the beginning of this century, the function of the clitoris was discovered, it was a tremendous boost to the women’s liberation movement - because the woman became aware, in the West, that for sexual pleasure she does not have to be dependent on men; that basic slavery is not a necessity anymore.

I had said that day that the woman has no vaginal orgasm. Anand Nadam has asked today, “There are scientific researchers who say that the woman has a point in her vagina called the G-point, which is sensitive and which has the capacity of orgasm.”

It is not something new. For almost this whole century, since the function of the clitoris has been discovered, even a man like Sigmund Freud continued to say that the woman may have clitoral orgasm, but that it is not important - the important orgasm is vaginal. He could not deny the clitoris, but he could not deny the vaginal orgasm either.

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