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Chapter 8: Laughter: Love, Joy, Gratitude

He said, “I am not making much fuss about a dream. The problem is: if Chuang Tzu can dream that he is a butterfly - now the problem arises - the butterfly may have fallen asleep and is dreaming that she is Chuang Tzu! Now what is what? Am I Chuang Tzu who dreamed about the butterfly or am I the butterfly who is dreaming of being Chuang Tzu?”

In fact there is no difference. The butterfly is also a form and Chuang Tzu is also a form. One form arose when you were asleep, another form arose when you were awake, but both are forms. Chuang Tzu is neither - he is neither the butterfly nor Chuang Tzu. He is the consciousness, he is the awareness; the awareness of the dream, the awareness of the butterfly and Chuang Tzu. That awareness he is. And that awareness is far more real, the only reality in fact. No thought is real.

And the same is true about silence. Words arise in the lake of silence, beautiful words, but they are just forms. Hence the insistence of all the mystics: move from words to wordlessness, move from sound to silence, move from form to formlessness, move from thought to consciousness. Don’t get entangled with the forms, thoughts, words. That’s what meditation is all about.

Don’t get identified with all that arises in you and disappears. Remain centered in that which never appears and never disappears, which is always there. Remain centered in the abiding reality of your being, and you will know the greatest bliss possible and you will know the truth that liberates. You will know freedom from all forms - because all forms create bondage. You will know you are neither a man nor a woman, neither white nor black, neither this nor that - neti, neti. You will know that you are only the pure awareness which has no name, no form.

That’s what Buddha says: You don’t have any form and you don’t have any name. Don’t hanker for that which you are not, because hankering for that which you are not is creating misery for yourself, is creating unnecessary pain for yourself. Just be that which you are and have always been and will always be. Don’t try to become - be! And that you already are. It is not a question of becoming, it is not a question of desiring, it is not a question of reaching somewhere. You are already there, you have always been there. Just wake up! Wake up from the dreams, all the dreams - night dreams, daydreams. Wake up from all the forms and abide in the formless.

And all the awakened ones say the same thing: Knowing that formlessness, knowing that eternity, your life is fulfilled. You will attain to tremendous contentment and bliss and benediction.

The third question:

I am Greek and I love garlic. My girlfriend can’t stand it, she is British. She calls me primitive. What is wrong with me?

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