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Chapter 4: The Greatest Love Affair on Earth

Awareness means you listen to me and you listen to the bird also, to the wind passing through the trees and all that is happening right now. Don’t listen to me with a narrow mind, closed to everything else and only open to me. Then you will not be able to listen to me, because what I am saying will be less if the sound of the bird is not included in it. What I am saying will not be true if all that is happening in this moment is not included in it. Don’t listen to me exclusively. Listen to all, inclusively: everything is included - you are simply a silent mirror reflecting everything that is happening all around. Nothing is distracting. In those moments, in those crystal-clear moments, again and again you will come to hear the best song. Otherwise you hear one thing, you miss another, you hear again one thing - one word here, one word there - then you connect them. Then whatsoever comes out is not what I have said, it is what you have heard.

It happened.

The old tramp stood at the back door and the lady of the house appeared.

“Lady,” he said, “I was at the front.”

“You poor man!” she exclaimed. “One of the war victims. Wait till I get you some food and you can tell me your story. You were in the trenches, you say?”

“Not in the trenches,” said the tramp. “I was at the front.”

“Don’t try to talk with your mouth full, take your time. What deed of heroism did you do at the front?”

“I knocked,” he said, “but I couldn’t get an answer so I came around to the back.”

You don’t even listen to the whole sentence. You listen to one word and you start interpreting it. “The front.” and immediately you have interpreted - the ward, the trenches, the war victim.

What I am saying is not really a doctrine. On the contrary, I am not conveying anything to your intellect, but trying to pulsate something in your intuition. It is not a verbal communication. Just by the side of the verbal communication something deeper and greater is transpiring between you and me: the nonverbal. The said is not the real thing: the unsaid, the gap, the interval. If you only hear my words, then too you will miss the meaning because my meaning is more in the gaps, in the silences. So you have not only to hear my words, you have to hear the wordless that is surrounding the words. That is possible only in deep trust and love.

So silence alone won’t help. Silence is the first requirement - that you listen meditatively, that you listen in awareness - but that won’t help alone. You have to listen in tremendous trust, in love, in sympathy. You have to participate with me. Because what I am saying are not syllogisms, not logical statements. Yes, it is a song, not a syllogism. It is not logic, it is love that I am pouring into you. Rightly listened to, one word, or even one wordless moment, can swing you into spaceless flight.

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