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Chapter 16: The Future Is Always Open

France has become satisfied with women and wine. It has no aspirations for something beyond the horizon. It is very limited in its vision and very closed too, because it is a very egoist country. France thinks itself to be the most superior country in the world. Their language is the most superior, their philosophy is the most superior, their paintings are the most superior. These are just ornaments for the ego, and the more a country is surrounded by egoistic projections, the less is the possibility of its transformation.

On the other hand, Germany has given birth to the biggest geniuses in philosophy, in theology has produced the greatest mystics. But it has no bragging about it. As I have felt people from almost all over the world, I can say certainly that it is hard to bring a German to transformation, hard because he will resist and fight; but if you go on persisting, the day he drops his resistance he is forever yours. Then there is no way back, then he will never waver. You cannot say that about the American. You can predict that he is going to waver.

American history is only three hundred years old, and America is not an ancient race. It is not a race at all; it is a hodgepodge. The French are there, the English are there, the Spanish are there, the Portuguese are there, the Italians are there. It is a marketplace. People don’t have roots, and to have strength you need roots.

The deeper the roots go, yes, it is harder to change you, but once you are changed, it is almost impossible for you to fall back. Once a German is deprogrammed, nobody can reprogram him again. The American can be reprogrammed within two days and you can deprogram him again within two days. He has no roots.

In India, we have a certain creeper without roots. It simply lives as a parasite on other trees, from one tree to another tree. It spreads far - sometimes miles in the forest - but it has no roots, it simply lives on those other trees.

Americans are simply like that creeper: they don’t have any roots; they don’t have anything to stand upon, their past is so small. That’s why they cannot project about the future either, because this is the logical way: the longer the past, the longer you can project the future.

The Third World War is just knocking on the door. This century is going to end, and with the end of this century either we will have the new man on the earth or no life at all. But Americans are fast asleep.

Many Americans have come to me. In almost twenty years, many have come, many have gone, very few have stayed. And those who have stayed are really not Americans. The American Jew has stayed with me, because he has no country; he has only his past, but a long past and of tremendous importance. He knows how to deal with people like Moses, Ezekiel, Jesus, Baal Shem. And what does America know - Henry Ford, Rockefeller? They cannot have a deep intimacy with me.

Yes, a few Americans have remained with me. Mukta is sitting there, but she is not really American, she is Greek. The American generation is just changing continuously - everything is a fashion. They can come to me also as part of a fashionable movement, but they are not going to remain here, because soon they get attracted to something else. They don’t know how to grow roots.

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