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Chapter 1: Leaving the Mind Far Behind

Have you ever thought how gold is purified? Only through fire. When the gold passes through fire, all that was not gold is burnt, and it comes out as pure gold, utterly refined.

Meditation is a fire, a very cool fire. You will not be burnt, but all that is false will disappear. And when you will come out of those flames, you will not be able even to recognize yourself, because now you will be having your original face, not the mask that the society has given to you. Now your personality will be gone - that was the contaminating factor - your individuality will come as sharp as a sword.

Shomoku also said to Bansho,

“As I look between your eyebrows, there is very much something there.”

It is one of the most important findings of the mystics that just between your eyebrows there opens a door; in India it has been called the third eye. These two eyes look outside. Just between the eyebrows, exactly in the middle there is an eye, a perceptivity, a sensitivity. When it opens, your inner world becomes absolutely clear to you. You know that you are not the body, not the mind. For the first time you recognize your being as a witness. This takes you to the beyond, and to the mysterious, and to the miraculous.

Onwards, life is a sheer joy, a sheer dance, a great music. You are overflowing, radiating pure gold. You have found the treasure of treasures. This has been the search of the whole East, of the whole Eastern genius.

Shomoku says to Bansho,

“As I look between your eyebrows, there is very much something there. If you don’t pierce through cold bones, once, you won’t be able to cast this thing off. Hereafter, see for yourself - it is not a matter of my speaking much.”

In such a small passage, Shomoku has said everything that is necessary for a seeker.

Then Bansho was given the saying of Chosha’s to contemplate on: “Turn yourself back into mountains, rivers and earth.”

It is a very strange statement of Chosha’s.

“Turn yourself back into mountains, rivers and earth.”

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