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Chapter 24: The Key to Unawareness: Keep Thinking

Ayatollah Khomeini recites the holy Koran every day. He does not need to read; he has memorized it - the whole holy Koran. He quotes continuously from the holy Koran, and those who are listening to him and following him believe that he is a prophet, a messenger of God, sent to help Islam succeed. That’s what all the religions believe: if they succeed, only then is there any future for humanity; otherwise there is no future, man is finished.

And what he is doing is so barbarous, so ugly, so inhuman.. People are being slaughtered continuously, beheaded continuously. People are being beaten to death on the crossroads before thousands of spectators - and all those spectators are rejoicing because this is the success of Islam.

Ayatollah Khomeini says that anything done according to the Islamic principles is right. There is no other way, no other criterion to decide right and wrong. There is only one way: if it is according to the Islamic principles. And those Islamic principles are just barbarous, to say the least.

To behead a man is Islamic. If the man is not willing to become a Mohammedan then it is better he should die. Living as a non-Mohammedan is worse than dying, because death may change his life pattern. Perhaps in this body, in this mind, he is incapable of becoming a Mohammedan, so this body and mind have to be destroyed. These are hindrances to his salvation. And to die by the hands of Islamic soldiers is a glory in itself. You should be proud: you attained a great death. You could not attain a great life but you attained a great death.

So the person who is being killed by the Islamic murderers is fortunate. And the people who are killing him are also earning great virtue, because there is no other motive - they are trying to help the man, to transform his being. They are making the way to God clear and clean for the person. They are doing God’s work: they will be born as saints in paradise. So both are benefited. How can something be wrong and evil when both the parties are immensely benefited, spiritually benefited?

Do you see the cunningness of people? But Ayatollah has the same mind as you have, it is just that it has gone nuts. But it can be repaired.

This is happening all over the world.. Just the other day in the Vatican one woman jumped from St. Peter’s basilica - the highest church in Christendom - and killed herself. Nobody knows why, and perhaps nobody will ever know why. But hearing this, the immediate response that came to me was that this woman has declared something significant.

The whole of humanity is going to die in the Vatican from St. Peter’s basilica. This woman is a pioneer. She has simply said that this is going to happen to the whole of humanity. And they are doing everything - the pope, the cardinals, the bishops, the priests - to let this happen.

Just today a very respected humanitarian, a Catholic nun, Sister Judith Vaughan, has been expelled from the Catholic church. She runs, in California, a shelter for poor women, abandoned women, rejected women. And she has helped thousands of women. But all her life’s work is nothing; she has just committed a small mistake, a mistake in the eyes of the Christian bureaucracy.

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