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Chapter 2: Why Love Is Painful

And to come to me through Jesus is not to come to me. If Jesus remains between me and you, there will be no connection, no contact, no communion. If you understand me, then there is no distinction between me and Jesus, so why go on carrying this Jesus of your mind? This is just your past speaking to you, and you are trying to hide your past behind a beautiful name, Jesus. You don’t know a thing about Jesus.

I am here, you are with me, and you cannot understand me. How can you understand a Jesus? The gap between you and Jesus is that of two thousand years. All that you know about Jesus is what you have been taught. Although you say that you don’t believe in the Jesus that has been given to you by the Christians - but what other Jesus do you know? If there had not been a Christian church you would not even have heard of Jesus. All that you know about Jesus you know through the Christian propaganda.

I am here confronting you, and still you are keeping a curtain between me and you. Now, you call that curtain Jesus.

Your question is relevant to many people. It is not only that wrong things can become barriers between a master and a disciple; the so-called good things, beautiful things, can become even far stronger barriers between the master and the disciple. In fact, only the good things can be the barriers - because you cannot think of them as barriers.

You say, “Did the real master Jesus.?” What do you know about the real and the unreal Jesus? And how are you going to make a distinction between the real and the unreal? You will make the distinction - and you are living in darkness, you are groping in darkness. Out of your confusion, whatsoever you decide is going to be more confusion and nothing else. Who is going to decide what is real and what is unreal? You, Alok? That is sacrilegious.

That’s what the Jews were doing when they crucified Jesus. They were deciding, and they decided, “He is not the real Christ. He is not the messiah we have been waiting for.”

How are you going to decide?

Now, Alok has two conditionings in his mind: one is Christian, another is communist. Now, Christians are dangerous, communists are dangerous - Alok is doubly dangerous. Now he will have a concept of Jesus which is in tune with his communist idea; his Jesus will be a communist. His Jesus will be “Comrade Jesus.” And that will be fiction - your fiction. You impose something on Jesus, and everything can be imposed, because people like Jesus or Buddha are so pure, so empty - they are white, empty curtains - you can impose anything on them, and they are so non-resistant.

Jesus has said, “Resist not evil.” These people are non-resistant; you can impose anything. And now they are not there either to do anything about it. Jesus cannot say, “I am not a comrade.” You can find statements which are of your liking, and then you can prove that Jesus was the first communist.

In fact, the real apostles of Jesus are not Thomas, Luke, but Karl Marx, Engels, Lenin, and particularly Mao - because Alok is Chinese too.

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