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Chapter 3: A Grand Approach to Reality

Just today I have received all the literature from the American Atheist Society. They have suffered immensely - you will not believe it - just as our commune suffered in America. Again, behind the government was the Christian church.

The woman who founded the Atheist Society has been jailed nineteen times without any reason - and the American Constitution gives the freedom to choose your religion or not to choose. It is your personal affair, the state cannot interfere in it.

Her house has been burnt down by an American government agency, the CIA. Her whole library has been destroyed. She has been beaten for no reason at all. She had to escape to Hawaii just to save her life.

Slowly slowly, more and more atheists started gathering, and finally they founded the Atheist Society of America. In their literature they also mention my name. They quote me as calling Jesus a nutcase.

So the first thing I would like to tell the Atheist Society is that to be an atheist is not the right thing; you are simply a shadow of theism. If theism disappears, the shadow will disappear. Never be a shadow. Be on your own feet.

Atheists cannot stand on their own feet. If all theisms, all religions disappear, what reason will there be for atheism to exist? Atheism is simply a reaction against theism.

I would suggest to them to change the name of their society. Atheism indirectly emphasizes God by denying him. If there is no God, there is no point in denying. You don’t deny things which don’t exist, do you? Even to deny a thing, it has to be in existence. Even denial is an indirect way of approval.

I have watched theists and atheists, and the strangest phenomenon is that theists are rarely concerned about God.

Amrito from Greece is here. Because the Greek Orthodox Church was threatening me.. I was only there for four weeks on a tourist visa. I had never left the beautiful house where I was staying just by the side of the ocean, and people from all over Europe had come to be with me.

The archbishop started threatening me, and threatening the government that if they don’t send me away out of Greece, immediately, he will burn down the house where I am living and my friends are staying. He will dynamite the house. This is from the archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church!

The reason? - I was corrupting the morality of the Greek youth. And no Greek youth was there! My people who were there had come from all over Europe. Perhaps half a dozen Greek sannyasins were there, whom I had already corrupted.

But he made such a fuss that the prime minister had to immediately arrest me, and ordered that I should leave the country without staying for another single moment.

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