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Chapter 7: Love Dispels Fear

The legal mind says “God is law. He is just.” But the legal mind cannot know what God is, because God is another name for love. The legal mind cannot reach to that dimension. The legal mind always goes on throwing responsibility on somebody else: the society, the economic structure, history. Always the other is responsible, for the legal mind. Love takes the responsibility on itself: it is always “I” who is responsible, not you.

I have heard a Chinese parable. In Chuang Tzu’s garden there was one rosebush which used to flower much. Then suddenly it stopped flowering. Chuang Tzu became, of course, worried - he had always loved that rosebush. He started showering his love on it, watching it more, taking more and more care. But nothing happened; the rosebush remained barren, unblossomed. Weeks passed, and then months passed.

Then one day Chuang Tzu thought that something had gone basically wrong. It seemed the rosebush could not be helped, and he was just going to decide not to interfere, when the rosebush spoke up. And the rosebush said, “Sir, nothing is wrong with me - it is because of the wrong surroundings that I cannot produce flowers. Look at the soil; look at those rocks near me. They are destroying my roots. Look at the hot sun - it is so hot, burning hot. How can I flower? How can you expect me to? And, I am alone here; I need other rosebushes as companions, as competitors. Only then can I flower.”

Chuang Tzu put a shield on the rosebush to protect it from the sun. The beautiful rocks that he had arranged at the side were removed; the soil was changed. But nothing happened. Weeks passed; then one day Chuang Tzu said, “Don’t be hurt. Now let me tell you the truth. Nothing is wrong with the surroundings - something has gone wrong in your mind. You remind me of one of my disciples who is a lawyer, who always goes on throwing responsibility onto somebody else. And, because of that, he cannot change.”

The rose-bush laughed, and said: “Sir, in fact that lawyer disciple of yours - he has corrupted me also; I have been following him.” And from the next day the rosebush became different, became greener, and soon flowers were coming. The rocks were replaced, the shield was removed, and the surroundings were as of old. But bigger and bigger flowers were coming.

Once you understand that you are responsible, you start blossoming. Law is an excuse. It is cunningness of the mind, so that you can always protect yourself, defend yourself. It is a defense. Love is vulnerable, law is a defense arrangement. When you love somebody, you don’t talk law. When you love, law disappears, because love is the ultimate law; it needs no other law. It is enough unto itself; and when love protects you, you don’t need any protection. Don’t be legal, otherwise you will miss all that is beautiful in life. Don’t be a lawyer, be a lover otherwise you will go on protecting yourself, and in the end you will find that there is nothing to protect - you have been protecting just an empty ego. And you can always find ways and means to protect the empty ego.

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