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Chapter 9: Of Life and Love and of War and Warriors

But he said, “Something has to be done, otherwise I will go bankrupt. You think of my children, of my wife, of my old parents.”

I said to him, “You come with me to the vice-chancellor, because I cannot prevent them. In fact, their number is going to grow, because they are spreading the news to everybody: `We have been idiots, wasting the most significant time in sleeping; and dancing under the stars in the early morning breeze is so beautiful that we have never known any other experience so ecstatic. Health is just a by-product of it. We are feeling our intelligence become sharper, but that too is a by-product. We are not going for this morning dance in the dark to sharpen the intellect or to have a better body, a more athletic body.’ “

I had to explain to the vice-chancellor that this poor contractor was in a difficulty, and he should take care that the budget that has been given to him will be enough; and these twenty dancing students are not going to remain twenty!

The vice-chancellor said, “But this is going to be difficult. If you turn on the whole university, not only will this contractor go bankrupt, but the whole university will go bankrupt. Twenty chappatis each student!”

I said, “But what can I do?”

He said, “But what is the purpose of it all?”

I said, “You come one day, because it is a purposeless activity.”

He said, “I am coming tomorrow.”

And I told the contractor, “You also come.”

And they both joined us, and they said, “My God, it is really beautiful. This silence, these stars, no traffic on the road, no fear of anybody watching you.. You can just dance like a small


The vice-chancellor said to the contractor, “I will make arrangements. You will not go at a loss, don’t be worried. I can understand that those who have tasted cannot be prevented.”

Once in a while, the vice-chancellor used to join us. And when the vice-chancellor joined us and a few professors, it became prestigious.

I used to go, whenever it was raining, on a lonely street; and soon a few people started going with me, without any umbrella - just enjoying the rain.

The vice-chancellor said to me, “Now you are creating more trouble. Soon the man who takes care of the laundry will be here. From where do you get these ideas? The rain has been happening every year. I have been here for ten years, and nobody has gone into the rain before; and you are spreading the idea that going into the rain is such an ecstatic experience.”

I said, “You come one day.”

He said, “You are a great salesman! I am not going to come because I know you must be right.”

But he came. I said, “What happened?”

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