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Chapter 8: Easy Is the Flow

And I know the question arises naturally, because the closer you come, the more close you would like to be. But you cannot do anything about it. If you do anything, you will become hard. Doing, ego becomes frozen. Non-doing, you melt, and in melting you come close to me. The moment you start doing something you are again back, the ego is back. And the ego can only take you farther away.

It is happening already. I have been watching you; you are coming closer every moment.

You say,

I give you my hands.

In fact, I have taken them already, and I have not even asked your permission. I never ask, I steal. You will be surprised to know that in India we have one thousand names for God, and the most beautiful out of all those one thousand names is hare. Hare means the thief.

I don’t ask your permission. I don’t even knock at your door. I don’t say, “May I come in sir?” Or “May I come in madam?” I simply enter. You come to know about me later on, when the harm is already done, when there is no point of return, when you have already crossed the border from where escape becomes impossible.

The ancient Egyptian tradition says the master chooses the disciple, not vice versa. And I say to you that this is true, absolutely true. When you choose me that is only a secondary phenomenon. I have already chosen you. If I have not chosen you, you will not choose me. If I have chosen you, only then will you choose me. Your choice is really nothing but a recognition that you have been chosen.

I have taken Karuna’s hands already, without her knowing. Excuse me.

And the second thing is also true: now I am taking her head.

And the third thing that Karuna is not yet aware of is that finally I have to take your being. “Head” means your thinking, “hand” means your action. But you are beyond both. You are being. And when your being has merged with my being, when your emptiness has become part of my emptiness, when my emptiness has become part of your emptiness, when these two zeros have become one, then the work is complete. But it is happening.

That is the basic thing to understand here: sannyas is your declaration that you will not prevent, that’s all, that you will keep your doors open, that if I come you will not say no, that if I start taking things from you, you will not create any hindrance, that you will be happy that I have chosen something from you - your hands, your head, your being.

The disciple has to disappear in the master; only then does the master disappear into the disciple. There comes a moment when the disciple is no more there, just as the master has never been there. “Master” means an emptiness, and you are coming closer and closer to the emptiness. There is no way that you can do it, because if you do something, that doing will not allow you to become empty. Doing will fill you. Non-doing helps you to become empty.