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Chapter 7: A Bird with Two Wings

The fourth is used by the Tibetans, although it takes almost all the words from Sanskrit: Om Mani Padme Hum. It is a very mystic statement. It says, “The diamond in the lotus.the sound of silence.” You cannot conceive a more beautiful thing than a beautiful diamond in the most beautiful flower on the earth, the lotus. They are trying to convey to you the beyond in some way comprehensible to the mind: the sound of silence - Om - the diamond in the lotus. I have loved it from my very childhood. Just the words, “the diamond in the lotus.” They have managed in the most beautiful way to express the beyond.

And the third is Hari Om Tat Sat: “the sound of silence.this is the only truth.”

And the second is, Sat-Chit-Anand: “truth, consciousness, bliss.”

And the first is, Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram: “truth, godliness, beauty.”

These five I can say to you belong to the universal religious consciousness, not to any organized religion, because they have come from individual mystics. They have poured their heart, they have poured their enlightenment, they have poured their awakening into these five mantras.

There is no word in English to translate mantra. It means a sacred word, not of any use in the day-to-day life experiences, but only significant when you go beyond this visible world and enter into the invisible consciousness. A mantra is a secret key. It opens the door to the ultimate.

But the meaning, Vimal, is also significant, because you are in the mind. The sound may have gone deeper into your heart, thrilled you, but still it is good not to leave the mind completely out of your experience; because it can become a disturbance, it can become very vengeful.

Don’t antagonize your mind. It can disturb everything. Have you watched how it disturbs your body? When you are in anger your whole body is disturbed: your stomach is disturbed, your blood pressure goes high, you start suddenly perspiring - even in an air-conditioned place. There have been many cases of heart attack in intense anger. The heart suddenly stops. The mind can disturb the body on one hand: it can disturb the heart on another hand. Very few people know its disturbances in the heart because that is not a common experience.

But if you don’t know the meaning, if the mind is not satisfied, soon it will start creating suspicion, doubt, skepticism. Soon it will start saying to you that you are being irrational, and you will be affected. And the impact of sat-chit-anand on your heart will start disappearing if the mind is not in cooperation.

My whole effort is to transform your total being, not leaving anything outside, because nature does not intend it so. And when the mind can be persuaded to go along with you, there is no need to create an opposition. I am against creating any kind of unnecessary conflict and split in your being. It is better to create a bridge between mind, body and being.

And the meaning is also tremendously beautiful. Sat means truth. And the longest search of man has been for that, because without knowing the truth, we know nothing. Truth is the very meaning of our existence. Without knowing truth we are just accidental, we don’t have any meaning.

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