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Chapter 14: Without Women - No Buddhas

Only that thing seems to be a little bit intelligent! Beautiful women are dangerous, ugly women are good - they have to be good. Fall in love with an ugly woman.This is one of the observations of thousands of years.whenever a woman is beautiful she need not care about being nice. It is enough to be beautiful, why she should be nice too? She will be nasty! Ugly women are very nice, they have to, otherwise who is going to fall in love with them? Their faces, their bodies make you feel like running away to the very end of the world and never look back - they have to compensate. They compensate by being nice, by being very loving. They become your mamas; they take care as if you are a small child, they breast- feed you. They become absolutely necessary, they make you utterly dependent, so that you can tolerate their ugliness.

That thing you are certainly saying with some intelligence. And when you are thinking and planning a well planned life, then fall in love with an ugly woman. It will be difficult in the beginning, but then it is sweet all the way! And always think of the future - that’s how calculating people do. What it is? Just a bitter pill in the beginning, it’s okay, but then it is very health-giving. Ugly women are medicinal, but beautiful women are sweet in the beginning and very bitter in the end.

And this is not my advice to you; Gautam Buddha also says the same thing - in a different context, of course. He cannot be so truthful as I am. He says: The world is sweet in the beginning but very bitter in the end, and the other world is very bitter in the beginning but very sweet in the end. It is a totally different context, but it is significant - in your context too.

The beautiful woman looks beautiful and you are tempted, but remember the great philosophers who say that beauty is illusory; it is nothing but just on the surface. When you see a beautiful woman always remember the great philosophers: that inside she is nothing but bones, blood, pus, et cetera, et cetera. Keep in your bedroom a skeleton, meditate over it, and whenever you see a beautiful woman project the skeleton. That will scare you! And whenever you see an ugly woman feel compassion - compassion is good, it is great service. In fact it is conquering the world! To fall in love with an ugly woman is to be a saint, and your rewards will be great. She will be nice to you, and always nice to you.

The only problem is, here you will not find an ugly woman. Somehow ugly women don’t fall in love with me, that’s the trouble! So you are in a wrong place.

A traveling salesman once found himself in a howling storm near a washed-out bridge somewhere in the hinterlands. Since he could drive no further he got out of his car and went to the nearest farmhouse. An old man answered the door.

“Can you put me up for the night?” asked the salesman.

“Yes, you can stay here,” said the farmer, “but you will have to sleep with my son.”

“Your son?”

“That’s right.”

“Excuse me, said the salesman, “I must be in the wrong joke!”

You are here in a wrong joke; you will have to find the right joke for yourself. Here you will not find an ugly woman; that will be difficult.

You say: “I would like to fall in love, but I am afraid of beautiful women, and so afraid of love, and I don’t know why.”

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