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Chapter 4: Tao Tantra

Can you summaries your teaching in short because I am here only for a day or two.

It is impossible. In the first place I have no teaching to summarize. I am not a teacher, I am a presence. I have no catechism. I cannot give you ten commandments - do this, don’t do that.

And whatsoever I say today I may contradict tomorrow - because my commitment is to the moment. Whatsoever I said yesterday, I am no longer committed to it. The moment I said it I became free of it. Now I won’t bother about it, I won’t look at it again. Whatsoever I am saying to you right now is true this very moment tomorrow I will not be committed to it. Whatsoever tomorrow brings, I will say it. Whatsoever today has brought I am telling you now. And if they are contradictory who am I to make them consistent? I don’t make any effort on my own.

My commitment is to the moment. I am never committed to the past. I am like a river: where I will be tomorrow nobody knows, not even I myself. You will be surprised, I will also be surprised.

The question must be from someone who comes from the continent I call “Acirema” - it is “America” read in the reverse order. America is topsy-turvy. Everything has become chaotic. People are in such a hurry that they have forgotten that there are a few things which you cannot get in a hurry, for which patience is a must.

You cannot get truth in such a hurry. Patience is a basic condition for it. It is not like instant coffee and it does not come packed in tins. It does not come ready-made. Truth is not a commodity that somebody can give to you. It grows in you.

That’s what I mean when I say I am a presence, I am not a teacher. If you are here, something may grow in you. I say, “may” because it depends on you. I am here. If you are ready to receive me, something will start growing within you. It is like a child becoming a young man. Yes, truth is like that. The false personality drops and the true being arrives it is a child becoming a young man, a young man becoming an old one. There is no way to hurry the process. You cannot make a child grow up fast in one night, in a day or two. It will take time. And it is good that it takes time because only through time do things become seasoned.

But in America there is a hurry, a mad hurry.

I have heard.

An American bride and a French bride were discussing love. “A Frenchman is very subtle when it comes to love,” the French girl explained. “He begins by kissing the fingertips, then he kisses the shoulder, then the back of the neck..”

“Boy!” the little American bride interrupted. “By that time an American husband is back from his honeymoon!”

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