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Chapter 6: It Is up to You

Now, because I am telling you it is so beautiful to be ordinary, it is so joyous to be ordinary, you have made being ordinary also a goal. Your question would have been perfectly right if you had asked how to become a Jesus Christ, how to become a Buddha, how to become a great celebrity.

But the very processes of becoming and being ordinary are absolutely diametrically opposite to each other. You are where you are trying to reach, there is nowhere to go. You have not to become anybody, this very moment you are what existence wanted you to be - don’t miss it, enjoy it. All the religions have deceived humanity and created the idea of becoming in the mind of man. Once you get caught in the idea of becoming, then there is only misery, suffering, anxiety, anguish, despair, defeat, death.

That’s what has been happening to millions of people for thousands of years. Everybody was trying to become something. You cannot go against nature, you cannot in any way be anything other than what you are. The very effort of becoming something, someone, is absurd.

But how have the religions managed to make this whole earth a madhouse? They gave you goals, they gave you great ideals you have to fulfill. It is impossible - by the sheer nature of things, it is impossible. But because it is impossible, far away, it becomes a challenge to your ego. The impossible has a tremendous attraction, but you are forgetting that it is impossible. It may have tremendous attraction because it is impossible, but you are going to be a failure, finally.

There are so many people who realize that they were alive only when they die. When they were alive they were so busy with so many things, they completely forgot about life. They remember it only when they know that only a few breaths are left - the heart is sinking, only a few beats more - that is the moment the realization occurs to them, “What a fool I have been. The whole of life has simply passed by my side. I have not drunk from its wine, I have not eaten its fruits, I am not even acquainted with its fragrance. What was it? And now it is too late.”

That’s why I say only the ordinary being is capable of rejoicing, because his energy is not involved in any process of becoming. It is all available, it is overflowing. What can you do with overflowing energy? Sing, dance, rejoice.

My insistence for ordinariness has tremendous implications that you may not be aware of. By telling you to be just ordinary, I am making you free from all strategies of religions, theologies, political ideologies. I am cutting their very root, without even mentioning it. If you are ready to be ordinary, nobody can exploit you. Nobody can push you in a direction which is not for you. Nobody can create guilt in you. Nobody can say that something is wrong in you. I am making you free from all kinds of parasites.

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