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Chapter 28: Beyond Mind and Heart

The heart is not going to fulfill you. Soon you will be tired of those dreams because they are non-substantial, they cannot nourish you. You will have to go still deeper, till it becomes impossible to go further because there is no way, you have come to the end. Only then you know who you are.

Poets sing about it, dream about it, write about it, but it is all just describing the moon, looking at the reflection of the moon in the lake; it looks like the moon, but it is not the moon. And if you jump in the lake to be closer to the moon it will disappear. A disturbed lake cannot reflect the moon, neither can the disturbed heart create beautiful poetry, very satisfying to people who have always lived in the ugly world of the mind.

The heart is certainly a step toward self-knowledge, but it is not self-knowledge.

You would know in words that which you have always known in thought.

This statement is simply crazy, because the truth has never been known in words and the truth has never been formulated in thoughts. Thoughts belong to the mind, and words also belong to the mind.

Mind can philosophize, the heart is a poet, but the home of the mystic is in your being, where thoughts, words, innocence are all left behind and forgotten.

People ordinarily think - and it appears as if it is very rational - that silence means no thoughts, no words, no noise. This is a negative perception of silence; you are not saying anything about silence.

Silence has its own positive existence, much more solid, much more valuable - a part of eternity. Silence is not a thought or an absence of thought; when you see the absence of your thoughts and dreams they have simply gone to sleep. You can be deceived that their absence is silence, but this silence will be empty - there will be no dance in it, no blissfulness in it. It will be the silence of the graveyard. People who have died cannot speak, but that does not mean that the dead have attained to silence.

A silence in its real, positive existence is almost music; it is the silence of a garden where, without words, flowers are sending messages to other flowers.

Scientists have discovered that perhaps bees have a certain kind of language. We cannot understand it, but their behavior shows that there must exist a communication system different than ours - and this is the research of years. The scientists were puzzled. A bee would go to find the garden where flowers were available and then the bee would come back, she would dance before other bees, and in a strange way all the bees would reach the garden. In her dance the bee had spoken, but scientists are still unable to find how she can indicate the direction, the distance, the kinds of flowers. She continues to dance till all the bees have moved to the garden. The first bee would reach there just as the last one did.

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