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Chapter 5: Meditation Incarnate

If you are born a Hindu your kundalini will rise, if you are born a Jaina, never - because Jaina scriptures don’t advertise for kundalini. If you are a Christian you will see Christ and the cross, but if you are a Hindu, Christ never bothers to come on your path, and the cross - no. You will see Krishna playing on the flute because Krishna is advertised and Christ is not advertised.

All your spiritual experiences are nothing but conditionings that the society has given to you. Don’t rely too much on them because death will force you to realize the fact that you lived a fictitious life - the opportunity lost.

Become aware that you have nothing. Once you feel that you have nothing, fear disappears, because fear is always part of the feeling that you possess something which can be lost, hence fear.

When you realize the fact that you don’t know anything - you are blind, you cannot see - all that you have been seeing is your own projection, you create it and you see it. You are the director in the drama that you call your life, and you are the story writer also, and you are the actor. And you are all that is happening. And you are the audience - there is nobody else. You are looking at it, you are creating it, you are directing it, you are playing a role in it. Once this is seen - and this can be seen in a flash of light, just by listening to me rightly, it can be seen - then the whole drama disappears. This is what Hindus call maya: the world that you have created around yourself which is not real, which is not there - your own creation.

When it drops, then for the first time you are not blind, your eyes open. Then you see that which is. Don’t go on listening to distant harmonies, music.the music of the spheres and the dancing steps of the atoms. Don’t befool yourself - as it is, you have already befooled yourself too long. No more - it is enough! Say it is enough, because unless you are freed from your wrong notions of eyes and ears and riches, the right cannot become available to you.

To be freed from the wrong is to be available to the right, to be freed from the false is to be on the path of that which is real.

And remember this trick of the mind, that the mind creates the opposite. If you are angry, you have a polite smile on your face - the mind creates the opposite. If you are afraid, you have fearlessness showing on the face. If you are full of hatred, you go on trying so many love affairs.

It is said about Lord Byron that he fell in love with thousands, hundreds of women - looks like a great lover, a Don Juan, but he is not. He must have been too full of hatred, he could not love anybody. When you cannot love anybody, when the love is not flowing, you go on moving with new partners - just to create an illusion that you are a great lover, you love so many people.

One love is enough! If it is, it can satisfy you so deeply, it can make you so contented. Such infinite tranquility can happen through it, there is no need. But when it is not there, then you go on, then you go on..

I was reading a drama. The drama belongs to the category that they now call “absurd drama.” The curtain rises:

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