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Chapter 11: A Noah’s Ark of Consciousness

In the beginning you will also find many times that perhaps it is not possible to be working and to be aware together. But I say unto you that it is not only possible, it is very easily possible. Just begin in the right way. Just don’t start from xyz; start from abc.

In life, we go on missing many things because of wrong starts. Everything should be started from the very beginning. Our minds are impatient; we want to do everything quickly. We want to reach the highest point without passing through every rung of the ladder.

But that means an absolute failure. And once you fail in something like awareness - it is not a small failure - perhaps you will not try it again, ever. The failure hurts.

So anything that is as valuable as awareness - because it can open all the doors of the mysteries of existence, it can bring you to the very temple of God - you should start very carefully and from the very beginning. And move very slowly.

Just a little patience and the goal is not far away.

Please talk to us of tension and relaxation. Usually, when I sit in front of you I relax all through myself. I lose any alertness I may have. When I am alert, there is a subtle tension which I need to maintain this wakefulness. It winds me up like a spring and then I feel horrible. How can I stay awake without all this tension? How to find the stillness, though busy? I watch you move and sit with such joy.

It is the same question that I was answering, just written in a different way. If you have listened to my first answer, your question has also been answered. I will just tell a small anecdote.

One day a man from a small village in the mountains sees a tourist driving his car backwards up a narrow road towards the top of the mountain. The man stops him and says, “Why are you driving backwards?”

The tourist replies, “They told me that there is no room to turn a car around on top of the mountain.”

The man says, “I have lived here all my life. I know there is enough space to turn around.”

Half an hour later, he sees the tourist driving down again, backwards. He stops the car and says, “What are you doing now?”

The tourist replies, “You were right. There was enough room to turn around.”

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