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Chapter 38: A World beyond Time

The inner logic is: The day one is dead, the whole world is dead for you. You were not here one day; whether the world was here or not would not have made any difference to you. You will not be here one day; whether the world is there or has been blown up by nuclear weapons will not make any difference to you.

What makes the difference to them is that they are in power, and they want to prove to the whole world that they are the most powerful people.

Now the competition has reached to a suicidal point, and America is in a hurry for the third world war to happen. Russia wants to delay it a little, because America has evolved certain microwave patterns around the whole country - billions of dollars have been put into it. You cannot see it, it does not obstruct anything; it only obstructs nuclear weapons. If a nuclear weapon is fired at America, if a missile comes to America, it will be returned; it cannot enter the country. So America is feeling safe. That’s why this Libya episode happened.

The Soviet Union has not yet been able.they are working hard to create a protective armor around the country. Their country is big, vast; their finances are not as great as American finances, but still they are preparing - there is no other way.

Those two nuclear powers are preparing their protection. Then America can send missiles to the Soviet Union, and they will also be returned. Now, where they will fall, nobody knows - they will fall somewhere. But those two countries are protected, and the whole world is unprotected. So the whole world is in danger. Right now the Soviet Union is not ready with its protection; Libya was just a way to check whether Russia is ready or not. If they had been ready, the third world war would have been on.

The Soviet Union is ready to support Libya, but is afraid to, for the simple reason that it does not yet have any protection for its own country; it needs some time. That’s why the Soviet leaders are talking about cutting the production of nuclear weapons in such a way, step by step, that by the end of this century all production completely stops - and the whole world is impressed by it.

America cannot accept it because it has put billions of dollars into the protective armor that will be useless.billions of dollars into nuclear weapons, and no chance to use them. America is in a hurry; it wants any excuse. And the gap is not big; perhaps within one year the Soviet Union will be ready. So if the war has to happen, America wants it quickly.

Kaddafi’s daughter died because America bombed his houses - even his tent in the desert they did not leave - and Kaddafi was silent, taking no action. On the contrary, he said that if America bombs anywhere else, their whole strategy will be to bomb the place and blame Libya for it. Libya is a small country, but Libya is just an excuse to provoke the Soviet Union. And Kaddafi said, “Next time Libya is bombed, then be certain that will be the beginning of the third world war.” But why next time? The Soviet Union needs a little time.

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