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Chapter 4: The Inner Innocence

Don’t take it as unfortunate. Going astray means man has come to a point where he has the freedom to go astray or not to go astray. Other than man, the whole existence is centered, natural but unconscious. It cannot go astray. The rose cannot become something else; it cannot become a marigold. The whole existence, except man, lives naturally, but this naturalness is not out of freedom. Only man has this great destiny: he can choose to be a fake or to be real.

The joy that comes to man by being original does not come to the whole of existence, because they are natural, they cannot go beyond that. They are not freely natural, they are automatically natural. Their being natural is a kind of bondage. The rose is bound to be a rose, and the grass is bound to be grass. And the trees, however they may try, cannot reach to the stars.

Everything is in a universal slavery. That’s why there are no accidents. Millions of stars don’t clash.no traffic control. They are all moving with tremendous speed, but there are no accidents anywhere.no universal ambulance rushing to this star, rushing to that star!

And just in Pune, this dirty, tiny village, utterly polluted - look at the traffic.! It seems all the mad people of India have become rickshaw drivers in Pune! In every direction they are going, and the miracle is, rarely any accident happens. As far as I am concerned, I think it is a miracle that people reach home. No traffic seems to be enjoying so much freedom as Pune traffic.

Nature is in a bondage; it is not even aware that it is in bondage. It is the privilege of man to know that he is in bondage. And when you know that you are in bondage, you also know, simultaneously, that freedom is possible.

If you know that you are in prison, you can start finding ways how to get out of it, how to have some contact with the outside world, how to find some way, some ladder, some hole to get out of the prison. But if you think the prison is your home, then naturally there is no question of inquiring.

Millions of human beings think that whatever they are, this is what they are supposed to be. They are suffering and they are miserable; they are in anguish, they are in absolute angst; their life is a tragedy. But they go on living, saying, “What is the point of committing suicide? Who knows.?” At least while you are alive you are surrounded with the crowd, which is also as miserable as you are. You have friends - you can tell your misery to them and console them, and they can console you in return, and there is something to gossip about!

Committing suicide is entering into a dark tunnel where no one knows what is going to happen. At least one thing is certain: you will be alone. There is no guarantee that the misery will not be there; there is no guarantee that your anxiety will not be there. But there is one thing certain, that with all this, one new thing will be added: you will be alone. And there will be darkness and no electricity!

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