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Chapter 9: Belief Is a Dead End

They don’t believe in what you say?

No. They do whatsoever their intelligence, their rationality, feels right. I can explain my experience, then it is up to them to do whatsoever they want to do with it. There is no demand on my part that they should believe it.

My only request is: inquire, doubt. Doubt until you come to a point where doubt becomes impossible, where you have stumbled in some indubitable truth. Then there is no question of belief; you know it.

Either you know it or you do not. There is no third alternative.

Belief is a trick. You don’t know but yet you behave as if you know.

Why have you chosen at this point to end this belief, this religion, of Rajneeshism?

Because it has never been there. Just I has been in three and half years silence and isolation. I was completely cut off from my people.

You chose to cut yourself off.

I have chosen it. For thirty years I have been speaking. I needed a period of rest, not to speak at all.

So for three and half years I was completely silent, not reading any newspaper, not listening to the radio, not seeing the television. And I have given my whole authority to my secretary, Ma Anand Sheela.

I have always respected women more than men, because I feel that they function more through the heart than through the head, because I can see that they can be more loving and caring about people than men can be.

Sheela was perfectly right - very pragmatic, very practical - to take care of five thousand people in this desert, to make houses for them, roads for them, create enough food for them: vegetables, fruits, milk products. She made the commune perfectly self-sufficient. This was the good part.

But on the other hand she started feeling - which is very human, a unconscious desire in everybody - lust for power. She has been just a waitress in a hotel and suddenly millions of dollars were in her hands. We have put two hundred million dollars in this desert, to create an oasis.

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